Friday, 5 February 2010

"Why can't birds wait till they get back to their nest before they poop?"

As put to me yesterday by my 5 year old. Quiet frankly I was stumped to answer him and came up with the lame excuse that they probably don't know they need to poop because they are animals and they are not worried about such things. He walked away from me with a distinctly unsatisfied look on his face. I love the fact that my children question everything about them even if at times it drives me up the wall. He has had a day off from school today due to being under the weather AGAIN and he has spent the whole day playing with 2 wooden sticks. So far they have been flags, chop sticks for lunch, walking sticks, weapons, rocket ships and currently are being used as imaginary knitting needles. I was worried when he was younger that I had a exposed him to to much tv and his imagination would be disintergrated clearly and thankfully I was wrong !!

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