Thursday, 4 February 2010

Waiting for the painkillers to kick in

I thought I'd grab these precious minutes while I wait for my pounding head to abate to write my blog...Yesterday was a nightmare at work. If only for the fact that I wanted to be really excited by what I was being shown but could not must the enthusiasm to even crack a smile. What is wrong with me !!! I suppose its not being helped by the fact that it seems the entire family is suffering from one long continuous cold than none of us seem to be able to shift. This morning however has started on a funnier note at least, well sort of funny anyway. Zombified as I usually am for about the first hour after waking I happily start loading the dishwasher, there is not much to go in so I push the almost empty tray at the bottom in and shut the door. A little voice that's also just risen pipes up "Mum you've shut the cat in there", I blearily turn my head towards him nod appreciably and not register what he has just said. "No, Mum you've shut the cat in there" At this point the message is slowly entering my synapses, "Mum, the cat is in the dishwasher" ok I am awake now open the dishwasher door and out gingerly steps my kitten !! If I'd been filming for "youtube" you would have seen gratefully hugging my son for being so astute and laughing my head off for me being so stupid..!

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