Monday, 21 December 2009

Normality Returning

Wow, I feel some sort of normalility returning to my brain after two weeks of bag folding...! Goodness me that job involves so much more than just the mear fact of folding and stuffing..It massively impacts on family life driving everything else to the back burner and putting a surmountable pressure on Paul and I to complete it and get it out of the way. And the fantastic intentions of the beginning of the job wain so sharply and so quickly I wonder why we do it..Well I know of course we do it for the extra money and yes its worthwhile but it always leaves me alittle shell shocked..!! On the plus side I am now so excited about the prospect of finally getting to do some housework the I am positively bubbling..Oooo Bliss 1 whole day of solid uninterupted housework...I love my kids with all my heart and would play with them over housework everyday of the week but there is no one else who can do it and to have the luxury of being able to just continue working until the job is done, with no drink breaks, lunch breaks, arguement breaks, fall over and bash yourself breaks and the one that really drives me mad the MUM MUM MUM !!! MUM MUM MUM !!! breaks will be better than a whole evening of tele to myself..Yes I really am that sad !!! and having made extra bolegnese sauce today I won't even have to worry about dinner tomorrow LIFE IS GOOD

Friday, 18 December 2009

And I thought I didn't scare easily

Having been on this planet for 30+ years and an avid horror fan for a good part of that I feel I have become pretty desensitised to most things that scare. However I have just managed to scare the bloody pants of myself in the car with the other passengers not even batting an eyelid. Picture the scene black ice, side turning pulling out on to a main road. I started braking well before the end of the turning knowing full well that the roads are pretty iced up and the car just refused to stop. OK i thought this isn't really happening and the car IS going to stop if I just push down harder. ABS going off alarmingly and still the car not stopping. I watched in horror as we exited the road and started sliding out on to the main road...Look right nothing coming ok safe that way, look left HOLY shit car coming at speed...the kids are on that side of the car OMG I am going to have an accident and the kids are going to get hurt...Cant the stupid car see I am skidding and cant stop...SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT !!! the car stop just as it got to the middle of the road and the car coming towards us turned off. Apparently I had grabbed Lex, "Mummy why have you grabbed me" to which my blubbering response is "FUCK!!" I will not be driving for the rest of the weekend or at least until I know its safe to go out...My goodness that was scary

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Troublesum Troubles

Its seems my inability to say no has got me in to trouble once again...We have ended up with Grandma for Christmas and while my head tells me this is not a good idea and will end in disastor, my heart tells me I have no choice because life is short and to be honest I am lucky to still have her around. I mean who knows what next year will bring though she will mostly likely out live us all. In the meantime the kids remain blissfully unaware of how Christmas probably isn't going to go exactly the way they would like it too. ie pjs till 4pm then clean ones on, no bathing, breakfast, lunch and christmas dinner in front of the TV/PS3 or nakey and thats just Pauls plans for the day...At least I have the blessing of living in my beautful 4 yes you read right my 4 bedroomed house so we can shut her in a bedroom and leave her asleep for as long as possible on Christmas morning. Having said all that I am still really looking forward to Christmas at home this year...Two ovens, a dishwasher and no turkey to be seen within 10 foot of my kitchen things should go smoothly...

Femine Logic

While some may argue that going to the chemist and purchasing a pregnancy test and a pack of sanitary towels as illogical, I would like to refute this. Especially as this is exactly what I have just done, being three days late for my period and not wanting another baby as the 3 I have keep me well and truly occupied. I am convinced the worry of maybe maybe not was actually preventing me from getting the illusive but hormonally needed monthly. So therefore pregnancy test has been purchased and used..No I am not pregnant which now means my brain can take over from my stubborn body and release the needed hormones to let me flow..Tender breasts, lower back pain and cramps can all piss off now I AM NOT PREGNANT !!!

Right now that's off my chest I am going to get on with folding bags :-(

Not in the mood

I seem to have woken up this morning with a distinct lack of interest in partaking in the human race. Hmm defiantly a stay under the duvet kinda day. Unfortunately as usual, life doesn't give a shit about how I am feeling and carrys on as normal.....Damn that is so inconvenient. Ok the plan for the day is as follows get children to school go to the coop and pick up the list of bits we managed to forget on our £300 ocoado shopping bill...What exactly did we buy! Visit the chemist need plasters and germolene and come home and start folding :-( Ok I now understand why this maybe a duvet day would you want to be faced with these activities being the highlights of your day to look forward to. I doubt it world...I really do !!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Back at work

I am sure my breakfast this morning was not normal..It consisted of relentless energy shot, a bar of galaxy, two painkillers and a packet of 10 b&h...Healthy living at its best... I manage to finally get to work and its has started snowing...GREAT !! With a two hour journey to look forward to for going home I am starting to thing I might need to crack open the survival kit...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

First Day of the rest of my life

I am tired really really tired and I am not particularly sure why. The day has gone so darn quickly and I managed to achieve not very much. Except, deciding we are broke even before Christmas and that I should rename myself Scroogella. On the plus side there's work tomorrow to make my day, NOT...!! Still not sure if blogging is the way forward to vent my daily frustrations but I'll give it a while and see how it goes. OMG only 10 days till Christmas and I still have not wrapped, prepared or even bought anything useful....Next year I think it should be a barbie on an Australian beach on Christmas Day... hmmm dreammyyyy

I think I need help

I wonder if this is as addictive as everyone says it is. Anyway off to take mum to the doctors !!!


This is my first time bloggin so bare with me I promise it might get alittle more interesting and little funnier too.