Sunday, 28 November 2010

Warp factor 7 Mr Sulu and don't take your foot off the pedal

Soooo stuck as to what to get the kids its not funny and I know time is ticking by so darn quickly. Went to the school Christmas fair on Friday it was ridiculously busy I think there was every parent of the school there and a few parents from other schools there too. The reindeer "food" stand was packed and I had a secret whoop whoop when my kids finally got to the front and there was still some left for them to buy. Apparently the teachers in reception ration it so there is never quiet enough. This annoys the PTA immensely as they could probably ignore having the Christmas fair, just sell the reindeer "food" and still make the same money. Ninja, for £2.00 a go,also got to choose and wrap a present for mummy and daddy. I think this was a really good idea and he was very pleased to be doing it and then giving it to us, though I am slightly nervous as to what he might have picked out for us lol.

So now the Christmas fair in out the way it's the Christmas play and the Christmas parties next. Ninja this year is a servant to the king. He's so not happy about this and is regularly coming home from school complaining he hadn't actually meant to put his hand up to volunteer for this role and he still can't believe he got picked for it and he'd really wanted to be an animal instead. This is getting the same response from me every time we go through the conversation of "oh well next year you'll get to be something else and at least you're not just a narrator" You can guarantee that next year he'll get the narrator role and will be inconsolable.

All that Christmas trauma aside Humf's skin has broken out in a terrible bout of eczema. The whole of the top of his legs are red raw and its spreading up his torso as well. The only thing we can figure out that's changed is we started giving him decaffeinated tea, so I am pretty convinced that has been the trigger. Though I have never heard of that being a problem before.

Asking a two year old not to scratching is not easy, especially as he's even scratching in his sleep. I am just hoping that putting him back on normal tea has done the trick and he's skin will be feeling allot more comfortable very quickly.

Well that's probably enough for now as I still need to doing tons of Christmas shopping :0)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Getting down and dirty.........

It was a strange weekend this last one. We didn't really "do" anything but it all went too quickly anyway. Saturday was a traditional pyjama day, I don't think I got round to brushing my teeth until after lunch.

Then at around 4pm we suddenly realised that we had nothing in for dinner and I managed to persuade hubbie to leave the sofa for a family trip to the co-op and he was cooking. Now you maybe wondering how the hell did manage that and what was the cost but you'll have to be a really good friend before I'll let you in on that little secret. So dinner was had, x-factor disappointing and Gillian McKeith just got on my last nerve.

Sunday, hubbie decided it was gardening day, windy, cold miserable gardening day. Fine, ok, you feel you need to spend the morning freezing to death in the garden be my guest. OOoooo daddy is in garden guess who wants to get involved, so both boys (still in their pj's) pulled on wellies and their coats and joined daddy "to be helpful". "Sigh" from me, damn and drat my flimsy excuse for staying in the warm just went in to the garden with daddy.

Right, well, there is no way I was going out there cold so I got dressed (go me !!) put on my brand new furry lined boots, hat, gloves and scarf and ventured out into the once was warm and sunny garden but now is just bbrrrr. The boys were pleased to see me, they immediately disrobed me and I lost hat, gloves, scarf in one foul swoop then had to fight them off me to keep my coat.

I was truly expecting to play just a supporting role in this scenario, cheer leader type, moral guidance and such like but no, hubbie had other plans. So he set me to work, sweeping leaves and moving stuff to the compost. With in 2 minutes freshly washed coat and brand new boots where ruined, not impressed, and while I am working the boys have gone back inside because its cold and taken all my woolie stuff with them !! Hubbie on the other hand had stripped to his t-shit and had sweat pouring and I do mean pouring off his brow. He offered me a go of the digging to help me warm up a bit but I politely declined.

At this point an excellent idea popped in to my head "hunny would you like a cup of tea?" my excuse to go back inside and get warmed up, hatched planned and implemented. This was where the real fun began, as I walked in through the back door I was confronted with the trail of mud, which when followed went through the kitchen into the hallway and then onto the lounge. OMG !! there was mud everywhere and there were the two boys happily sitting on the sofa both still covered in mud and both with their wellie boots STILL on. All I can say is thank goodness for leather and tiles. I made other half's tea and then told him I wouldn't be back out. He came to look. "Oh" was all he could muster when he saw the state of the place and quickly retreated back in to the garden.

It took me a good hour and half to clean it all up and then we had to tackle the children as well. So I am pretty glad the garden is ready for winter now and the kids are banned from going out there until it snows or its summer I haven't decided which yet.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Some daughters do have them.......

Mum came to stay with me for a week. I was expecting her to come up for a night but for some reason she decided that, no, she was staying longer to "help" me with the kids and housework. While a little perturbed that she hadn't mentioned this plan on the phone when she told me she was coming to see me, I was still grateful for the extra pair of hands that was winging its way to me forthwith.

I swear its like having another demanding teenager in the house when she visits and a fairly bossy one at that. I love my mum to pieces but she drives me up the friggin wall. Its all the niggly things that the kids do that I have learnt to accept and ignore (well they are my children) she moans about and then she does something equally annoying niggly. For instance she'll moan that the kids have left their cups of juice where they might get spilt and then leaves her teacups on my bookshelf or on the mantel piece for me to take to the sink and wash up. She'll reorganise my washing trying to be helpful and mix up my pile of non-ironing and ironing. She likes the living room curtains open, hubbie likes them closed. The childrens tv should go off at bedtime, the kids go to sleep with them on. ( i secretly agree with her on that one, but would never admit it to her).

As the family situation stands I would have her live with us in a heartbeat as she gets treated very badly by her husband and she deserves so much better than him, though I think I would need constant therapy to get through the weeks.

I know there are so many benefits to having the older generation around you and the kids. My kids love her and would love to have her around more often and its also lovely for me to be able to talk to her about anything and everything and know she can't help but see things from my point of view. She's a brave loving woman who gets a little bit het up over the small things in life but I suppose I wouldn't have her any other way......

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Feeling mean and still a little green

So the last couple of weeks have been murder. The entire house is one constant round of sickness as soon as one of us is better another one of us is going down again. This has led to some unpleasantness for us all and is teaching us to love each other in new and different ways (giving someone a kiss and cuddle after they have just been sick is hard even if its your brother). Lets not even go in to how much the washing machine has suffered over this time of illness. But I am wondering how much more it, it can take.

So its gone something like this..first one that goes down is hubbie, not a soul does he tell, so staunch in his stiff upper lip mentality that none of us are even aware that his bowls are giving him the utmost grief. (OH how I wish I'd have know as I wouldn't have gone near him with a barge pole) anyway next is me...I'm not joking I was totally wiped out by it. It was half term, the kids weren't getting dressed, they are running around causing havoc and the house was a tip..I was either in the loo or groaning on the sofa. 5 days of hell before I am feeling even vaguely well enough to put a piece of toast past my lips. Next is eldest child, being 13, this making her exceptionally fragile "coughs" she is crying, bed ridden and wanting to be taken up to the emergency doctors every five minutes. She would not have it that she had just got the same bug as the rest of us. Hers was much worse, much more serious and totally in a different realm of illness to what I had just been through. Ooo to have the luxury again of being able to care so much about oneself and also to have the time to do it. Next came youngest probably the truly the most fragile out of us all. He is the one who gets the most poorly and always gets whatever is going round the hardest. So when he woke one morning with a runny nappy and then proceeded to be violently sick having just drank his morning cup of tea I was not a happy chappy. Of all the things to bring back up I have to say large amounts of milk has got to be in the top 3 for the worst of them. He needed to be showered, I needed to showered, the walls, ceiling, sofa, blankets and both of our pjs needed to washed or in some cases burnt. It was horrendous, in fact it was so bad that eldest made a very quick recovery and decided she'd rather be a school for the day. So once everyone and everything was cleaned up I spent the rest of the day trying to get him to drink something at the very least for worry of dehydration. (I ended up have to syringe 10mls of juice in to his mouth every hour or so). By the evening he was eating a little and by the next morning he seemed fully recovered...yippee !!! (though slightly disgruntled that I didn't recover quiet so quickly when I had it)

So that leaves middle one, the ox of the family, the energetic bouncy never ill one. His contribution to this whole event was quiet spectacular in the fact that last night just before he fell asleep he said "erm mummy my tummy doesn't feel quiet right" an hour later hubbie and I hear a strange noise ran upstairs to finding him sitting up in bed whimpering covered from head to toe but still basically asleep......! I strip the bed completely, hubbie showers him, wraps him in a towel brings him downstairs. I come down, he mumbles "is my name QTH?" and is still asleep. I give him calpol take him back in to our bed, his is a disastor zone and there he stays for the rest of the night. This morning he wakes up and moans about having to go to the childminder. "You're not going to the childminder honey you are not well enough to go to school" "oh I ?" "Son don't you remember being sick everywhere last night and getting in the shower and then sleeping in mummy and daddy's bed" "err no well sort of" and this is how the day has proceeded nothing wrong with him at all. In fact he is driving me mad being hungry all the time.....!

Now tell me something..... Why couldn't I be ill like that !!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Your name's not down, you're not coming in"

Was very excited earlier this week when Ninja come out from school with a little note saying he was going to given a commendation at the school assembly on Friday. Proud mummy moment and Ninja was really chuffed.

Now at any given point in the school year the school has no qualms to ask parents to provide money, materials or blood in order to improve the school or raise some money for something important. I do my best to oblige to their constant demands and would hope I could be considered a supportive parent in my child's education and school. I also understand the need for rules and regulations to maintain peace and harmony for the children.

But my younger son has been banned from the commendations assembly (school regularly refuses to allow preschool children in to spectate things) which normally wouldn't be a problem he is at nursery most days and so would be with carers. Unfortunately he's not been well this week and so nursery are refusing to have him back till he's 48 hours clear of sickness. So no nursery this Friday. I have no other childcare as I live away from family and all my friends are connected with school and will either be there themselves or working.

So for that reason l will take the withering looks from non rule breaking parents, I'll accept their tuts of annoyance, I will even be gracious and apologetic but I will not miss this assembly. I may have to gag little one with very chewing sticky sweets to keep him quiet and lots of chocolate but I am not going to miss this assembly. They will have to evict me forcibly from the premises to get me to leave. For if I don't attend I will be letting down one of the most important people in the universe and that aint going to happen !!

So wish me luck with the assembly police tomorrow !!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What would you do??

So 2011 is a massive year for this family and as we are hurtling towards it, I suppose I better get some decisions made and plans actioned. Hubbie turns the big 4.0. in July and in September we celebrate 10 years of marriage, and to be fair it is for better or worse and for richer or poorer. My significant other has been wanting to show me Las Vegas from the moment he got back, just before we got together those many moons ago. So i thought this coming year would be the time to do Vegas and do it in style. I've been imagining wedding vows being renewed with Elvis present, getting to see Celine Dion live and maybe catching the tiger guys. The thing is, what about the kids...? I live and breath my children, I never go out and any event the family does it does it all together. I can't imagine leaving them behind....but then again once in a lifetime holiday just the two of us sounds good too (we never got a honeymoon). I can't book until I decide whether they are coming with us or not and I really can't decide. Hubbie is of the opinion that on our own would be good but doesn't mind the kids coming. It would save loads of money with just the two of us but I know that my missing and worrying about them would ruin my holiday anyway. I am so confused and I can see me not doing anything therefore not having to make the decision. It is a big year but do I really want to celebrate it without the reasons I get up in the morning? Or should I just bite the bullet and let my hair down for a week and enjoy being a consenting adult. What would you do.....???