Thursday, 29 July 2010

I’ve just been called a social networking freak

And that was by my 12 year old daughter so it must be true.  What’s happened, I know I’ve always been a fairly social person, open and friendly and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.  It just as I am fast approaching my 1000 tweet (I have only been tweeting for about 3 weeks) I realise there seems to be a wealth of unspoken words trapped in my brain.  Is this what it feels like to be a writer do you think, having a constant flow of thoughts that they need to express. Just so you know, I am happy, in fact I love it.  I think I could waffle on talking at and too people all day long.  Is it normal though..? My son is the same, he does not stop talking.  In fact the worst punishment to give him is to tell him to be quiet.  He finds it incredibly difficult.  He vocalizes all his concerns and fears and likes to rationalise and discuss them with me and his dad, he gets so excited when he has a new thought, or an amazing piece of information he wishes to share. He loves words and speaking, he will talk to anyone who will listen and he is convinced that everything he has to say needs to be heard. I remember feeling much the same way and was very hurt by my grown ups when they told me to be quiet at the same age.  I do try not to stifle his verbalisation as I think its when I stopped talking that I began to internalise my thoughts and feelings and this has led me to high levels of depression throughout my life. Sometimes though he won’t let you get a word in edgeways and he has also has that I am school now attitude, so I know everything.  I plan to always have an ear for listening to my son, I just hope the world doesn’t mind having an ear for listening to me. :0) 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Totally unprepared for summer

How did that happen, one minute I was buying his first pair of school shoes and panicking that he would never settle in, the next we here and his first year at "Big" school is finished. Have I really been asleep for an entire year. Oh well we're here now so must deal with current situation. AAAhhh, you know when I thought now would be a good time to go back to work because he'd started school. Well that panned out well and we certainly needed the extra money but what am I suppose to do with him now. Nursery stays open so that's fine for little one, but 5 and I'm bored just aint gonna hack 6 weeks cooped up in 240sq feet of office everyday. Sheeet ! When I lived in London and I had this same predicament with my eldest (who will no doubt be entertaining herself over the summer head buried in pc) we had day camps. They do have them up here but they are like a 40 minute journey away which kind of defeats the object a bit and they are bloody expensive. Now you may feel that I should have been alot more organised and sorted this all out sooner, well its not like I didn't know it was coming. I honestly have tried (alittle) but they defiantly seems to be a severe lack on holiday entertainment around here for school children and baring in mind we hold the local primary and middle school in the town and therefore have at least 1000 children attending school here, it seems someone is missing an opportunity. If only I was more enterprising. !!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Definant shades of Alpha Mummy

Ultimatley sports days have, for me, always been a day to dread in the school calender year. This year I planned to make it totally different. Firstly I gave darling hubbie 3 weeks notice for him to take the day off work, as having him there for moral support is always a good thing. I went shopping for my outfit 2 weeks ago and had my hair cut in the morning. I was prepared..! Arrival was the normal affair of polite nods to some and general hellos to others. It started off very civillised activities for all the children to play with and enjoy, lunch and joys of bees, wasp and ants and chitchat for all the mums. Then after lunch the serious business of racing began. I can not believe how competitive I have become since having a child that is actually quiet sporty. OMG he is only 5 I am standing at the edge of the lanes screaming his name at the top of my voice, not giving a sh*t what other people are thinking or the fact I am quiet probably embarressing myself. I'd like to think my total support was what aided him to victory but I have a feeling its just his ability. I'm just shocked at what a pushy alpha mummy I have become, you would never know to talk to me,I really come across as normal. I'm dreading doing the school run on Monday I just know everyone is going to be looking at me with distain. But its worth it he's very proud of himself and so am I...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sloping off and vitamins

Just thought I’d have a ten minute walk down to the chemist to get the ever needed painkillers.  While in there I spotted a new brand of chewy vitamins for kids.  Great !! Humf is so ill so much surely he could do with some.  Unfortunately on closer inspection I discover it was only suitable for children 3 years plus.  When I start looking I find all the chewy ones are for 3 years plus.  Someone please explain !! my child is more than capable of chewing he has most of his teeth and tucks in to a piece of steak without any worries.  Why then do the vitamin manufactures feel that children are unable to chew until they are 3, persuading him to have the drops (which is far more medicine like) than mummy giving him a special sweetie would probably be far to stressful.  So I didn’t buy any, and let feeling a little frustrated and a lot patronized..!

Sheesh has been that long !

I have to say its been a rough few months and to be honest its not much better at the moment. I seem to be on the biggest pendulum swinging from happy to sad regularly daily. I am going to try to keep my blog up again though, starting later today.