Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I have no time to stand and stare

This is the life full of care
I have no time to stand and stare

No time to look through window panes
At beautiful shoes never worn again

No time for haircuts and beauty treats
Cups of coffee with friends to meet

No time to sit and read that book
Of far off peoples and roads they took

But still I'm happy with all my life
Through all the heartache, trouble and strife

My children are the ones that breathe
New life in all I can bequeath

With them I take the time to see
The sweetness and joy of their life with me

Thank you my darlings my precious ones
For making me the happiest mum.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

He's not ill he's old, and is sugar free actually better?

Ok today has been quite a harrowing day which started a few weeks, even a few months ago.  My dog, the one who has seen my through two ex's now and has been a patient companion to 3 babies pulling and tugging at his tail, 3 toddlers using him as pull along toy and 3 kids moaning at him for sniffing their food is  approaching his 16th year.  And I suppose with some understanding he has slowed down an awful lot.  No more does he bound up to you upon opening the front door and shower you with hugs (yes literally, he used to hug people) and kisses, in fact most of the time he doesn't actually notice you coming in.  But with all this my 90+ year old pal still makes it up the stairs, still has the patience of an angel when it comes to the kids and still wants to steal that juicy bit of steak that you conveniently left on your plate. I appreciate that he won't last for ever but increasingly have been getting pressure from various people who love and care for me that maybe it might be Jake's time.  So I relented under the pressure and summoned the courage to take him to the vets.  2pm my appointment was for, so for most of the day I spent the time crying, making a fuss of him and even went as far as to text the first ex (I bought the dog originally for him) to tell him what was going on and miracles upon miracles even he was sympathetic and offered his condolence. When we split there was some debate as to who was going to have custody of the dog and for practical reasons it was decided that he would be better off staying with me.  As it got closer to the allotted time my sadness deepened, for while I was convinced that actually he wasn't that bad everyone else was convinced otherwise.  I had to drag him to the car, he yelped as I put him in and all the time I kept thinking about how this might be his last few minutes on the earth and look what I was putting him through.  When we got to the vets he was actually quite excited (he really doesn't get out much these days) and so I let him have a good wander and sniff around the place and then with a hung head went into the surgery.  We were told to take a seat and wait while the vet finished with the previous appointment. A very sad looking woman came out with an empty cat basket and the lady behind the reception desk while handing her a bill for over £300 pounds said that she was very sorry for her loss.  This was not going well and I tried to cover Jake's ears. We were called in and I was asked if I had made my mind up to which I said most definitely not and that I wanted him checked over first.  I think the vet was a bit relieved.  The nurse walked in with a horrible looking needle full up with stuff and was hastily told to leave as that wouldn't be necessarily be needed.  By this point Jake had realised that this wasn't a pleasure trip and quite frankly didn't want the vet anywhere near him.  How do they know that's a vet, he isn't scared of anybody apart from vets and I don't know about you but to me they look just like everyone else.  Anyway the vet gave him a good examination asked me if he was still eating? does he cough? is he still getting about? all of which I answered truthfully with a yes, no and a yes and his verdict came back with a..he's doing remarkably well for a dog of his advanced years and fundamentally there seemed nothing wrong with him.  I was amazed and over joyed.  As far as the vet was concerned the dog was in noway suffering and there was absolutely no good reason why he would have to be put down. In fact he went as far as to say would you put a 90+ year old man to sleep just because his joints were alittle bit stiff in the morning and he wasn't quite as steady on his feet anymore. No painkillers, no steroid jabs in fact nothing at all to increase his profits by adding to my expense (ex no 2 always maintained vets where only there to make money).  So it cost me £24.95 to put my mind at ease that the dog was not ill just old and now I can truthfully say to all those who think I maybe keeping him going for my own selfish reasons, that in fact no, he is a very fit 90+ year old well as fit as he as can be expected. Tonight he has bounded in from the garden, stolen Humfs burger off his plate and annoyed the cat and I have never been happier :0)

Just as a little side note to this post, but its been bugging the hell out of me for ages. You know all this sugar free stuff that is full of fake sugar does anyone know if that stuff is actually worse for kids than natural sugar?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Please don't get my toddler drunk"

What is it with the older generation and alcohol? They suffer the effects of years of smoking and drinking on their bodies, they've been told time and time again that they need to lead a healthy lifestyle just like the rest of us and still they think its a good idea to give babies "a drop of brandy" if they are crying or a toddler a sip of lager because they are curious and its funny to see the look on the little ones face.

My mum decided to have a glass of wine with her dinner the other day at my house.  I saw the potential for an argument brewing.  Humf went to keep her company while she ate and to naturally help out with any eating she might need a hand with.  While in the kitchen I hear my mother quietly say "go on smell it" and then a giggle.  Humf was at her wine.."mum don't let him drink your wine please" "I'm not he's just smelling it" another giggle..."MUM don't let him drink your wine" "I'm not he's just trying it" Oh for goodness sake !  The row ensued quickly after that.

Really the argument from them of "well, we did it and we turned out alright" really falls flat by the fact the NHS is straining under the pressure of dealing with the 50+ whose lifestyles up until now haven't exactly been ideal.  That and the fact that most of them have a alot to say about young people and alcohol and how society is being ruined.  At same time advising their 30+ kids to give the baby a drop of whiskey at bedtime to "help" him sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I love my older generation and gain alot of valuable advise from them, its just I can't fathom their attitude to drinking and how it just seems to go against any normal thinking.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Pee on your toy car and it will break !

My wits are coming to an end. Humf’s fascination with being able to pee any time, any where. on to anything, is starting to drive me insane.  Yes it was funny at first when he peed in his sister’s trainer and then in the take away container, it was even slightly amusing when he peed in one of the toy saucepans that goes with his toy kitchen.  But the joke has worn well and truly thin now and its all starting to get on my nerves.  He is not with out resources three toilets in the house and numerous potties dotted all over the place. It is not down to a timing issue either as he has gone through a good half the night without wetting the bed and can also hold up for many hours during the day.  Heaps of praise is bestowed upon him every time he takes the innovative to actually use the potty and on particularly stubborn days I have ended up putting the nappy back on. He starts the school nursery in September what happens when one of his key workers goes to drink out of her mug of tea and realises it doesn’t quite taste right. I can picture the conversation now with the headmistress, me begging for Humf to get another chance and pleading with her that really, underneath it all he is a good boy.  Maybe I should have called him “Dennis”


On another failure note, this diet thing is not bloody easy is it.  I think I have spent more time fallen off the waggon than actually on it.  Ok its been tough the last couple of weeks what with Ninja being booked in for his minor op and also dealing with a lovesick teen in the house but still the chocolate is passing my lips without so much as an inkling from my brain that I shouldn’t be doing this.  My will power is non existent and I think i am actually putting weight on. Ninja gently asked me this morning if I had forgotten that we had bought the Wii Fit.  I know one thing for certain though, the kids are better off without the junk food in the house (especially sweets) because as soon as they came back in it felt like WW3.  So if I don’t lose any weight at least with trying too I have discovered my kids really are better off without the crap and taking time to consider what we are putting in our mouths is well worth the extra time it takes.