Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Please don't get my toddler drunk"

What is it with the older generation and alcohol? They suffer the effects of years of smoking and drinking on their bodies, they've been told time and time again that they need to lead a healthy lifestyle just like the rest of us and still they think its a good idea to give babies "a drop of brandy" if they are crying or a toddler a sip of lager because they are curious and its funny to see the look on the little ones face.

My mum decided to have a glass of wine with her dinner the other day at my house.  I saw the potential for an argument brewing.  Humf went to keep her company while she ate and to naturally help out with any eating she might need a hand with.  While in the kitchen I hear my mother quietly say "go on smell it" and then a giggle.  Humf was at her wine.."mum don't let him drink your wine please" "I'm not he's just smelling it" another giggle..."MUM don't let him drink your wine" "I'm not he's just trying it" Oh for goodness sake !  The row ensued quickly after that.

Really the argument from them of "well, we did it and we turned out alright" really falls flat by the fact the NHS is straining under the pressure of dealing with the 50+ whose lifestyles up until now haven't exactly been ideal.  That and the fact that most of them have a alot to say about young people and alcohol and how society is being ruined.  At same time advising their 30+ kids to give the baby a drop of whiskey at bedtime to "help" him sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I love my older generation and gain alot of valuable advise from them, its just I can't fathom their attitude to drinking and how it just seems to go against any normal thinking.

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  1. I know exactly where you are coming from, my kids came home from their grandmothers when they were younger, saying they now love apples and could I buy more. I was suprised as I had been trying for years to get them to eat more fruit. I gave them some the following day nicely cored but they would not eat it, I could not see why hers were different. I soon learnt she had dipped the slices in brown sugar!!!


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