Thursday, 25 February 2010

Leaking Nappies and Alarm Clocks

Well last nights sleep can be put in to the almost non existent catergory. Started off with good intentions bed by 9.30pm tele off and book down. Do you think I could drift off, oh no and in my efforts to get to sleep I had to start talking to hubbie. It had been a hard but fruitful and fulfilling day and I was still buzzing with the excitement of it. No I hadn't jumped out of an aeroplane or climbed a mountain, I had learnt a new process on the computer...!!! Yes I really am that sad. Anyway so by 11.05pm having had nearly an hour and a half of my enthusiastic jabbering hubbie decides he quiet fancies some icecream. I am up and out of bed like a shot oh yes icecream seems like a good idea and what about egg on toast aswell. For goodness sake I was suppose to be going to sleep...!! Anyway go downstairs and casually mention "I wonder if we could book a grocery delivery for tomorrow now" yes my life is all about those daring plans and decisions...Cue laptop and Tescos website sitting in front of me...Dare I check when the next available slot is, could I really get all my much needed shopping tomorrow when it was 11pm already today. ??? OMG !! delivery between 10-12pm was free, I clicked on it and booked it without a seconds thought. Right, now I have a delivery coming I suppose I had better order some groceries, soft subtle groan escapes hubbies mouth, "I only wanted some icecream now we're going shopping". Spend the next hour going through next weeks dinner plans and the buy one get one free offers spend £145 on goodness knows what and feel quietly satisfied that technology is the most wonderful thing on the planet..Drag my eyes off the computer screen to find hubbie slumped over his now empty bowl of icecream gently snoring. Ok time for bed for real this time. Manage to drag us both back to bed to be woken about an hour later by the baby...He has leaked everywhere, great !! when did he suddenly grow out of size 5 nappies he is only the height of a 30cm ruler what the hell is going on. I think pampers should have a refund policy that if baby grows out of a size mid pack you can take the remainder back and swap them for the larger size. What I am going to do with half a pack of nappies that are too small for him now ??. Get him changed and comfy put him in bed with us and approximately 30 seconds later the alarm goes off..He wakes and so do I....Just try to roll over and go back to sleep...HAH not happening but everytime the alarms goes off again I have the sense of defiance that I shall not heed its nagging call and I'll stay in the 5th time I give up and that is why I am blogging at 7.30am this morning having already been up for and hour and half and only having had 5 hours sleep...I am sure I will make it through the day somehow :-( !!

Monday, 22 February 2010

School's not boring its sweaty

Was my sons reply this morning when his sister posed the question of "are you looking forward to going back to school?". I was slightly taken aback by this but he then went on to explain that sitting around the classroom waiting to go on to the next activity made him feel hot. Being an extremely active child I suppose the effort of sitting still for any period of time would be an exertion for him thus making him hot. Strange but in a way makes perfect sense. I was pleasantly surprised by my organisational skills this morning for the first day back for all us students (myself included) after the half term break. Uniform was ironed (see miracles do happen) lunch money available and most importantly homework was done and alphabet was learnt. We spent almost all of Sunday morning going through the Alphabet song to help little one grasp it, with the promise of shopping for new toy as reward for getting it right. He worked so hard and kept practising it was a joy to behold when he went through the song without forgetting a single letter. While some may say that we bribed him to learn it with the promise of the toy or that we shouldn't buy him things just for doing alittle bit of learning. I disagree, his pride at finally being able to do it was not diminished by the fact we'd promised him a reward he was still as over the moon. But it did give him the incentive to work hard at it in the first place and I defy anyone who suggested human beings didn't work better when they knew there would be reward for their endeavours.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shoelaces and Patience

Oh my goodness, I only wanted to pop to the shops to drop the DVDs back and get some bread with my three. It was like we were setting off for a polar expedition. Firstly arguing with the 12 year old that yes, she did have to come with, yes, I know she wasn't dressed, no, no I don't care that her hair was messy we are only going round the corner. After ten minutes of this she finally agreed to put a t-shirt and trousers on. The other two on the hand where more willing to get ready to go, it was just how they wanted to get ready. Cue shoe laces. I do appreciate fostering independence is extremely important in children as its part of their path to adulthood, but why oh why did he decide that this moment was the exactly right time to learn to tie his shoelaces. The tears of frustration that followed where a sight to behold and that was just coming from me. Being a lefthander I am extremely rubbish at trying to teach my right handed children anything that requires finger dexterity. In the end we compromised with several knots and long laces left hanging...That's a Daddy teach when time and patience are on side !!. Hurdle 2 conquered, that left me with the fast approaching terrible two..This one decided he didn't like his socks, then he didn't like his shoes, then he wanted no shoes at all. All through this I am trying to explain to him that we are going out and if he is good sweeties might come his way but he must have shoes on as its been snowing outside !! Do you think a word of that got through all the screaming. Time for mummy to walk away take a deep breath and count. 12 year old brightly shouted from inside the cupboard what about wellies, we can just shove them on..So compromise was reached, wellies, no socks and we were ready to go phew !! I only wanted to pop to the shops !!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is why mum's can't get ill !

I admit defeat I can barely lift my head of the sofa..The boys are doing their best not to drive me to mad but I am on my own with them and I am struggling. HELP !! I am spending this whole time feeling gruesome also feeling guilty. Piles of washing up and dirty floors are floating round and round in my head. I feel like I am letting the entire family down by being ill. How do these women who do nothing for their families and children cope with the guilt or they just as heartless as they come across. I hate having to think about me, just spoke to mum and she's have you done this have you taken that and the boys will be alright stop worrying. Because she is seeing it from her mum point of view. Her baby is not feeling well, never mind the fact her baby has 3 babies of her own that need me to be fit and healthy. I think all mothers should be issued HazChem suits for looking after their children so they always stay bug free no matter what horrible things their children bring home from school or nursery and to top it all off I think my brain has melted with watching too much Tigger and Pooh.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Life's so much easier now the coat rail is pixie height

I never really think about how short I am. I have never had an issue with it and only very rarely do I actually feel short. Its normally when I am standing by or close to someone that I am not used to. With hubbie I don't even think about the fact he towers over me and that he has to bend his back to kiss me and I have to tippytoe. And even though eldest child is now a good 4 inches taller than me I still feel I could shout her into a corner if needed be. (thankfully I don't have to prove this point lol). In fact I am very proud of my taller daughter and I look forward to when my sons tower over me too. But sometimes on the odd occasion in Tescos when what I want is on the top shelf and pushed to the back I get peed off and then there is the other issues of putting stuff out of reach lol. Hubbie is mostly very considerate when it comes to my lack of height whether thats because he mum is my height too so he's just used to little women !! or he is far more aware of my lack of stature than I am. This was highlighted over the weekend, when as usual I was jumping to put my coat on the coat rail and the darn thing fell off the wall. The previous owners of the house were all 6' 10" i am sure. As you can imagine hubbie was not that pleased with the rip in the plaster board and gaping hole the rail had left. But as good naturally as he could muster he told me nevermind and he'd fix it tomorrow. So as promised he got the drill out on Sunday and proceeded to measure up. I got called in to the utility "How high can you reach hun?" erm "bout that high, but don't worry put it back to the height it was before" where I had reach to was around his chin height. "Thats silly I'll put at a height you can reach comfortably" "ok" I mutter, feeling guilty that from now on he'll probably have to bend down to put his coat on the rail...So today I have a coat rail hanging perfectly for my height, it looks ridiculous, and its getting in the way of things but it was bliss hanging my coat up on it !!! A small consideration, with a powerful emotion of love behind it. How wonderful is it to have someone in your life that thinks of you that much, sod Valentines Day that's love everyday !!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Feeling a little angry so I suppose I better not blog...Wish me luck for tomorrows skills test at college. Must focus on that not simply horrible person who has nothing better to do with their life than going around upsetting people.

Friday, 5 February 2010

"Why can't birds wait till they get back to their nest before they poop?"

As put to me yesterday by my 5 year old. Quiet frankly I was stumped to answer him and came up with the lame excuse that they probably don't know they need to poop because they are animals and they are not worried about such things. He walked away from me with a distinctly unsatisfied look on his face. I love the fact that my children question everything about them even if at times it drives me up the wall. He has had a day off from school today due to being under the weather AGAIN and he has spent the whole day playing with 2 wooden sticks. So far they have been flags, chop sticks for lunch, walking sticks, weapons, rocket ships and currently are being used as imaginary knitting needles. I was worried when he was younger that I had a exposed him to to much tv and his imagination would be disintergrated clearly and thankfully I was wrong !!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Waiting for the painkillers to kick in

I thought I'd grab these precious minutes while I wait for my pounding head to abate to write my blog...Yesterday was a nightmare at work. If only for the fact that I wanted to be really excited by what I was being shown but could not must the enthusiasm to even crack a smile. What is wrong with me !!! I suppose its not being helped by the fact that it seems the entire family is suffering from one long continuous cold than none of us seem to be able to shift. This morning however has started on a funnier note at least, well sort of funny anyway. Zombified as I usually am for about the first hour after waking I happily start loading the dishwasher, there is not much to go in so I push the almost empty tray at the bottom in and shut the door. A little voice that's also just risen pipes up "Mum you've shut the cat in there", I blearily turn my head towards him nod appreciably and not register what he has just said. "No, Mum you've shut the cat in there" At this point the message is slowly entering my synapses, "Mum, the cat is in the dishwasher" ok I am awake now open the dishwasher door and out gingerly steps my kitten !! If I'd been filming for "youtube" you would have seen gratefully hugging my son for being so astute and laughing my head off for me being so stupid..!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Have you ever tried to get jelly off of bedcovers ??

This is how I spent a good ten minutes this morning before I caved in and shoved all the bedding in the washing machine...It is tumble drying as we speak and I am assuming it all be fine (fingers crossed). I've been having a bit of an OCD day today so far..I was highly irritated to find that the felt pen lids did not match the felt pen colours, berated the children and then sat there painfully pulling pens and tops apart and putting the right ones on. Baring in mind that my wonderful children had at least attempted to put the pens away nicely having finished playing with them (no mean feet considering they are children and one is only 20 months old). NO I had to get het up about the fact the colours didn't match. I shall be making it up to them later by allow the dreaded paints to come out !!! the messiest of messy plays and consoling myself with the fact I must just be hormonal and it'll pass.

Maybe its just the weather but little one is on his third change of clothes and its only 1.30pm..mud from the garden and macaroni cheese for lunch and I have a third load of washing to do...oh and plus the blasted duvet !! Starting to really crave some summer sun now !! Just to be able to walk around the garden without needing to be hosed down before we come back inside would be lovely. Maybe its time to buy my own desert island, get rid of anything on that might kill you and live off the land on the beach...Oh heck what am I talking about I am a five star hotel sort of girl and quiet frankly archnids and insects scare the hell out of me !!

PS Just did spell checker three times before I realised that the reason nothing was happening wasn't that it wasn't working it was actually that i had spelt everything correctly "unbelieveable" !!!. Yep didn't again I am on a roll whoohoo !!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Brain may have stopped functioning but the mouth is still moving

I don't think college could have been any harder or more tiring than it was today. Though for some strange reason I still enjoyed it. The class are becoming more and more comfortable with each other and the boundaries of funny or offensive seem to have settled. We were all working hard today but we still managed to have a giggle, even when one the guys got a nose bleed. I not sure if college ended on a high or low note though as the subject of Mooning was being discussed by my tutor and a fellow male student, anyway I was glad I was walking out the door as unpleasant images were being conjured in my head, it has just been that kind of day. My boys are not happy that mummy dumps them at 8am on a Monday morning and doesn't see their beautiful faces again until 5pm and I have to say that Monday night dinner is done much more for convenience than for healthy diet but as I pointed out to the elder one this morning "it'll all be worth it when mummy is earning a zillion pounds a year and she can buy you lots of toys". I think after that he actually pushed me out the door. Tomorrow begins the revision for the test that's coming up next Monday lets hope that my fellow students aren't to distracted with thoughts of showing each other their bottoms to fail it.!!!

Its official the dog is senile !!

Bless him, I know he is almost 1000 years old in dog years (14 in our years) but he defiantly seems to have totally lost it. Its like he has reverted back to puppydom except he can't bound over to us and knock us down anymore :-(. He's just so darn naughty and stupid and over excited..I swear every time I let him out in the garden he gets lost and when he does eventually find the back door again he is looking at me like "Mum, I just went on the really exciting brilliant adventure" He is playing silly buggers with the cat all the time and you can just tell he thinks its all hilarious. I keep panicking that I am going to wake up one morning and he'll be gone (well he is my eldest lol) but every morning he slowly comes to and starts acting like a complete loop again..Love him stupid old doggee...