Monday, 22 February 2010

School's not boring its sweaty

Was my sons reply this morning when his sister posed the question of "are you looking forward to going back to school?". I was slightly taken aback by this but he then went on to explain that sitting around the classroom waiting to go on to the next activity made him feel hot. Being an extremely active child I suppose the effort of sitting still for any period of time would be an exertion for him thus making him hot. Strange but in a way makes perfect sense. I was pleasantly surprised by my organisational skills this morning for the first day back for all us students (myself included) after the half term break. Uniform was ironed (see miracles do happen) lunch money available and most importantly homework was done and alphabet was learnt. We spent almost all of Sunday morning going through the Alphabet song to help little one grasp it, with the promise of shopping for new toy as reward for getting it right. He worked so hard and kept practising it was a joy to behold when he went through the song without forgetting a single letter. While some may say that we bribed him to learn it with the promise of the toy or that we shouldn't buy him things just for doing alittle bit of learning. I disagree, his pride at finally being able to do it was not diminished by the fact we'd promised him a reward he was still as over the moon. But it did give him the incentive to work hard at it in the first place and I defy anyone who suggested human beings didn't work better when they knew there would be reward for their endeavours.

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  1. I agree completely. I have given up feeling guilty now I can see how much my Oldest's reading is improving through bribes with sweets!


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