Monday, 1 February 2010

Its official the dog is senile !!

Bless him, I know he is almost 1000 years old in dog years (14 in our years) but he defiantly seems to have totally lost it. Its like he has reverted back to puppydom except he can't bound over to us and knock us down anymore :-(. He's just so darn naughty and stupid and over excited..I swear every time I let him out in the garden he gets lost and when he does eventually find the back door again he is looking at me like "Mum, I just went on the really exciting brilliant adventure" He is playing silly buggers with the cat all the time and you can just tell he thinks its all hilarious. I keep panicking that I am going to wake up one morning and he'll be gone (well he is my eldest lol) but every morning he slowly comes to and starts acting like a complete loop again..Love him stupid old doggee...

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