Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is why mum's can't get ill !

I admit defeat I can barely lift my head of the sofa..The boys are doing their best not to drive me to mad but I am on my own with them and I am struggling. HELP !! I am spending this whole time feeling gruesome also feeling guilty. Piles of washing up and dirty floors are floating round and round in my head. I feel like I am letting the entire family down by being ill. How do these women who do nothing for their families and children cope with the guilt or they just as heartless as they come across. I hate having to think about me, just spoke to mum and she's have you done this have you taken that and the boys will be alright stop worrying. Because she is seeing it from her mum point of view. Her baby is not feeling well, never mind the fact her baby has 3 babies of her own that need me to be fit and healthy. I think all mothers should be issued HazChem suits for looking after their children so they always stay bug free no matter what horrible things their children bring home from school or nursery and to top it all off I think my brain has melted with watching too much Tigger and Pooh.


  1. I feel for you, Isaac came down with sickness on Friday night then last night, Jude took one look at his tea and was sick, 3 hours later I was sharing the sick bowl with him and by the early hours of the morning my DH was joining us. Today, I am feeling like poo, but about to embark on toffee making with the boys as feel so guilty it is 3.30 and we have only just got dressed and so far just laid on the sofa all morning (DH, apparently is much worse and has stayed in bed, typical man), Jude has made a full recovery, how do kids do it and I know what you mean about them doing their best to drive you mad, Isaac seems to be on loud setting today and has done nothing but talk, and Jude is playing with the noisest toy in the house!. Hope you feel better soon, I am in sympathy with you.

  2. 24 hours I was feeling better but we have all been left with sore throats and colds its horrible !! Hope all you guys feel better soon as well!!


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