Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Have you ever tried to get jelly off of bedcovers ??

This is how I spent a good ten minutes this morning before I caved in and shoved all the bedding in the washing machine...It is tumble drying as we speak and I am assuming it all be fine (fingers crossed). I've been having a bit of an OCD day today so far..I was highly irritated to find that the felt pen lids did not match the felt pen colours, berated the children and then sat there painfully pulling pens and tops apart and putting the right ones on. Baring in mind that my wonderful children had at least attempted to put the pens away nicely having finished playing with them (no mean feet considering they are children and one is only 20 months old). NO I had to get het up about the fact the colours didn't match. I shall be making it up to them later by allow the dreaded paints to come out !!! the messiest of messy plays and consoling myself with the fact I must just be hormonal and it'll pass.

Maybe its just the weather but little one is on his third change of clothes and its only 1.30pm..mud from the garden and macaroni cheese for lunch and I have a third load of washing to do...oh and plus the blasted duvet !! Starting to really crave some summer sun now !! Just to be able to walk around the garden without needing to be hosed down before we come back inside would be lovely. Maybe its time to buy my own desert island, get rid of anything on that might kill you and live off the land on the beach...Oh heck what am I talking about I am a five star hotel sort of girl and quiet frankly archnids and insects scare the hell out of me !!

PS Just did spell checker three times before I realised that the reason nothing was happening wasn't that it wasn't working it was actually that i had spelt everything correctly "unbelieveable" !!!. Yep didn't again I am on a roll whoohoo !!


  1. though my use of punctuation and grammer leaves alot to be desired !!!!

  2. It must be something in the air, as i have been just awful today. ope it blows over soon. xx


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