Monday, 8 February 2010

Life's so much easier now the coat rail is pixie height

I never really think about how short I am. I have never had an issue with it and only very rarely do I actually feel short. Its normally when I am standing by or close to someone that I am not used to. With hubbie I don't even think about the fact he towers over me and that he has to bend his back to kiss me and I have to tippytoe. And even though eldest child is now a good 4 inches taller than me I still feel I could shout her into a corner if needed be. (thankfully I don't have to prove this point lol). In fact I am very proud of my taller daughter and I look forward to when my sons tower over me too. But sometimes on the odd occasion in Tescos when what I want is on the top shelf and pushed to the back I get peed off and then there is the other issues of putting stuff out of reach lol. Hubbie is mostly very considerate when it comes to my lack of height whether thats because he mum is my height too so he's just used to little women !! or he is far more aware of my lack of stature than I am. This was highlighted over the weekend, when as usual I was jumping to put my coat on the coat rail and the darn thing fell off the wall. The previous owners of the house were all 6' 10" i am sure. As you can imagine hubbie was not that pleased with the rip in the plaster board and gaping hole the rail had left. But as good naturally as he could muster he told me nevermind and he'd fix it tomorrow. So as promised he got the drill out on Sunday and proceeded to measure up. I got called in to the utility "How high can you reach hun?" erm "bout that high, but don't worry put it back to the height it was before" where I had reach to was around his chin height. "Thats silly I'll put at a height you can reach comfortably" "ok" I mutter, feeling guilty that from now on he'll probably have to bend down to put his coat on the rail...So today I have a coat rail hanging perfectly for my height, it looks ridiculous, and its getting in the way of things but it was bliss hanging my coat up on it !!! A small consideration, with a powerful emotion of love behind it. How wonderful is it to have someone in your life that thinks of you that much, sod Valentines Day that's love everyday !!


  1. OK, so I really need to know. Exactly how short are you? Great post. LOL. x

  2. Thanks, I am 4'11 when I really stretch LOL. My mum is about 4'9 my grandmother was 4'10 and so is my sister and when I was growing up I promised myself to marry someone who could break the curse !! As it happens my daughter still complains about being shorter than her mates. Never happy !!


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