Monday, 1 February 2010

The Brain may have stopped functioning but the mouth is still moving

I don't think college could have been any harder or more tiring than it was today. Though for some strange reason I still enjoyed it. The class are becoming more and more comfortable with each other and the boundaries of funny or offensive seem to have settled. We were all working hard today but we still managed to have a giggle, even when one the guys got a nose bleed. I not sure if college ended on a high or low note though as the subject of Mooning was being discussed by my tutor and a fellow male student, anyway I was glad I was walking out the door as unpleasant images were being conjured in my head, it has just been that kind of day. My boys are not happy that mummy dumps them at 8am on a Monday morning and doesn't see their beautiful faces again until 5pm and I have to say that Monday night dinner is done much more for convenience than for healthy diet but as I pointed out to the elder one this morning "it'll all be worth it when mummy is earning a zillion pounds a year and she can buy you lots of toys". I think after that he actually pushed me out the door. Tomorrow begins the revision for the test that's coming up next Monday lets hope that my fellow students aren't to distracted with thoughts of showing each other their bottoms to fail it.!!!


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