Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shoelaces and Patience

Oh my goodness, I only wanted to pop to the shops to drop the DVDs back and get some bread with my three. It was like we were setting off for a polar expedition. Firstly arguing with the 12 year old that yes, she did have to come with, yes, I know she wasn't dressed, no, no I don't care that her hair was messy we are only going round the corner. After ten minutes of this she finally agreed to put a t-shirt and trousers on. The other two on the hand where more willing to get ready to go, it was just how they wanted to get ready. Cue shoe laces. I do appreciate fostering independence is extremely important in children as its part of their path to adulthood, but why oh why did he decide that this moment was the exactly right time to learn to tie his shoelaces. The tears of frustration that followed where a sight to behold and that was just coming from me. Being a lefthander I am extremely rubbish at trying to teach my right handed children anything that requires finger dexterity. In the end we compromised with several knots and long laces left hanging...That's a Daddy teach when time and patience are on side !!. Hurdle 2 conquered, that left me with the fast approaching terrible two..This one decided he didn't like his socks, then he didn't like his shoes, then he wanted no shoes at all. All through this I am trying to explain to him that we are going out and if he is good sweeties might come his way but he must have shoes on as its been snowing outside !! Do you think a word of that got through all the screaming. Time for mummy to walk away take a deep breath and count. 12 year old brightly shouted from inside the cupboard what about wellies, we can just shove them on..So compromise was reached, wellies, no socks and we were ready to go phew !! I only wanted to pop to the shops !!!!

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  1. I can sympathise - as a right hander with a leftie 4 year old we get tied up in knots too!


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