Friday, 6 May 2011

Pee on your toy car and it will break !

My wits are coming to an end. Humf’s fascination with being able to pee any time, any where. on to anything, is starting to drive me insane.  Yes it was funny at first when he peed in his sister’s trainer and then in the take away container, it was even slightly amusing when he peed in one of the toy saucepans that goes with his toy kitchen.  But the joke has worn well and truly thin now and its all starting to get on my nerves.  He is not with out resources three toilets in the house and numerous potties dotted all over the place. It is not down to a timing issue either as he has gone through a good half the night without wetting the bed and can also hold up for many hours during the day.  Heaps of praise is bestowed upon him every time he takes the innovative to actually use the potty and on particularly stubborn days I have ended up putting the nappy back on. He starts the school nursery in September what happens when one of his key workers goes to drink out of her mug of tea and realises it doesn’t quite taste right. I can picture the conversation now with the headmistress, me begging for Humf to get another chance and pleading with her that really, underneath it all he is a good boy.  Maybe I should have called him “Dennis”


On another failure note, this diet thing is not bloody easy is it.  I think I have spent more time fallen off the waggon than actually on it.  Ok its been tough the last couple of weeks what with Ninja being booked in for his minor op and also dealing with a lovesick teen in the house but still the chocolate is passing my lips without so much as an inkling from my brain that I shouldn’t be doing this.  My will power is non existent and I think i am actually putting weight on. Ninja gently asked me this morning if I had forgotten that we had bought the Wii Fit.  I know one thing for certain though, the kids are better off without the junk food in the house (especially sweets) because as soon as they came back in it felt like WW3.  So if I don’t lose any weight at least with trying too I have discovered my kids really are better off without the crap and taking time to consider what we are putting in our mouths is well worth the extra time it takes.


  1. I guess it's not funny really though you put a smile on my face! It's probably easy for little boys to pee anywhere, after all, when they become men they are experts at it!

    Hope you manage to sort it before he starts nursery; would hate to drink that tea!!

    CJ xx

  2. One of the nursery nurses has already told me she is going to hide her shoes (she one of my facebook friends lol) x


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