Friday, 22 April 2011

Wii is not fit, Wii is fat man..

So between a fleeting thought and a moment of impulsiveness I bought the Wii Fit plus. I have been good I set it up the day it arrived and even let it weigh me.  What a harsh evil bugger it is..! On the one had telling me I am obese and need to lose weight for my health and then the next telling me how clever I am with my excellent posture. It seems to want to fill me full with emotional contradictions and leave me unsure as to whether its worth me even bothering. 

Actually that's not entirely true, its defiantly more fun than traditional exercises.  I can take my instructions from a nice English accented male instructor who has a lovely toned body (there was no way I was going to listen and watch miss super fit skinny instructor) He is very patient with me, doesn't mind when I fall over trying to do the yoga poses and gives me lots of praise for getting things right.  The aerobic exercises have the kids in stitches watching me trying to keep up with them and they are also easy enough and fun enough that they want to join in to.

All in all I think it was a good investment but I am not holding my breath for any miracles as I can't my head round the idea of dieting just yet.  If nothing else I hope it will make up somewhat for the huge amount of time I spend sitting in front of a computer.

BTW I actually sweated yesterday, from my forehead and all sorts of other places, this is good right :0).

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