Friday, 8 April 2011

Teenager Daughters, The Royal Wedding and Blogging in the Garden.

Wow feeling super mega privileged to be blogging in the early evening warmth out in the garden watching one naked son spray the newly planted shrubs and himself, while other son is getting himself temptingly close to the hose then running screaming when his big brother goes to get him. Its at times like this that I realise how good it is to be alive and how lucky I am to be me. That no matter what life has thrown at me over the years (no more than others and probably a good bit less than some) I'm still standing and that I am actually making it. I feel like I have been holding my breath since forever and that now I am finally able to breath.

The scary teenager brought her interim report home today. This was the first time in ages that she volunteer to give it to me rather than leaving it in her bag for several weeks until I finally came across it. Rightly so she was proud of her report. It shows that even though she is also going through a rough period in her life she is actually doing very well. Pretty much on target for attaining the high levels that were anticipated for her at the beginning of the year and in some cases planning to exceed them. Her life is racing ahead whether she or I are ready for it or not. This September she will be heading for High School with all that entails (boys being my main concern lol) but also her GCSE choices and her reaching adulthood. As long as she is happy to have me at her side (well probably standing alittle behind her as mums can be so embarrassing) I will be content in the knowledge that I am doing something right.

She has asked me to start blogging more about her as she was so impressed with me being asked to write a review for a toddler cup that she wants me to start talking about hair extension and make up alot more. Clearly no hidden agenda there then. But should anyone like me to do a review on their latest make up range or false nails she has told me she will happily oblige in trying and testing them for me.

On another note, quite excited about the Royal Wedding if only for the fact that its seems to have brought out the neighbours need to suddenly get to know one another. As usual not a social event that involves the neighbours can go by with out Ninja wanting to take part. So I have confirmed to the street party organisers that we will be in attendance for the big day. Bless, they texted back to say thank you and that they will keep me posted on who will be coming, for some reason this has somehow made me feel I am involved with the organising and should take some responsibility for attending numbers, cue ringing around for moral support. As I live so close to where the party is taking place I am wondering if I should have an open house for the day to let people come and watch the ceremony as and when they want to. Can I be that hospitable? erm I'll have to chew over that one.

Just a quick footnote where did a sudden and passionatly unreasonable fear of spiders arise from in my baby son. I have bravely faced massive spiders without screaming in a vain attempt to not pass on any bad vibes and its not worked, he is even more scared of them than I am now !! how did that happen ??


  1. Loving the fact that teenagers will always have their own agenda. My eldest will be turning 13 in a week so wish me luck. Just found your post via another and have enjoyed catching up on some of your posts so will definitely be following. If you get a chance pop to mine on
    Thanks T

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I will be honoured to pop by yours and have a nose lol. I am finding that as long as I do exactly as she wants all the time we don't have any problems lol xx Good luck btw xx


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