Monday, 11 April 2011

She's done it to me again !!!

Ok it maybe a bit of a rant post so if you don't fancy it I'd navigate away asap.  So being single has it pitfalls as you may imagine and mine are suppose to being cushioned by my mother.  Well she at least gives me something else to focus my aggravation on.  This weekend though really topped the biscuit in taking the pee out off me, and proves that for her, I am just a convenient distraction from her facing her own messed up life and her own personal Eastenders plot. 

Last Monday I woke up with a raging sore throat and a blocked up nose. Fine no problem I can cope with a cold and I seriously don't expect lots of sympathy. The first thing my mother said to me on hearing my rough throat was "trust you to get ill before I am going away for the weekend". At which point I am thinking to myself "yes of course Mum all I wanted to do was get ill to put a dampener on your weekend". Then I get an email later on in the week basically having a go out me being ill, blaming me for my step dad for being an arse and inferring that we are all trying to ruin her life, plus having a quick pop at my teenage daughter by saying "well this will give her a chance to step up abit won't it" is it any wonder that as a teenager we didn't have a very good relationship". Again I do the grown up thing and ignore this email as her just spouting off. But she has managed to get up my nose anyway even with my best efforts not to let her get to me.

All weekend she has been in Amsterdam, all week she's known I am not well and on my own looking after myself and the 3 kids.  She's been to the sex museum, visited several cafes and done the red light district.  I know this not because she took the time to phone me and check how I am, or that she has emailed me to tell me she is ok, no I know this because I have been talking to one of the people she is away with on facebook chat.  No she didn't even try to contact me this way either.  This is suppose to be the person I rely on, can turn to in my hour of need, my stalwart in the face of the adversity that I am going to face over the next few months. 

Oh well I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, its just a good reminder as to why I thought I'd be ok if I moved away from her 74miles and why I would rather stay here than move back down to London.

Ok ranting over normal posting will resume shortly.


  1. Oh sweetie. People can be so selfish xxx

  2. Its sad when it's your own mother though :0( xx


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