Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ode to the middle one

Your job is tough my little one

Middle child but eldest son

Much is asked from your little head

Brush your teeth and keep well read


Elder sister tall and true

Gets to do stuff you can’t do

Baby brother small and cute

Sometimes wish he had a mute


And there you are, Mum’s little solider

Thinking thoughts of one much older

Helping out as much as you can

And still at times need a lending hand


This small poem is to let you know

That though is doesn’t always show

Mummy loves you with all her heart

And nothing will ever keep us apart


I’m proud to call you my eldest son

You bring so much happiness, joy and fun

I’ll hold you close everyday of my life

Through good times and bad, through trouble and strife


Always there by your side

For now and forever

Even after I have died.


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