Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sloping off and vitamins

Just thought I’d have a ten minute walk down to the chemist to get the ever needed painkillers.  While in there I spotted a new brand of chewy vitamins for kids.  Great !! Humf is so ill so much surely he could do with some.  Unfortunately on closer inspection I discover it was only suitable for children 3 years plus.  When I start looking I find all the chewy ones are for 3 years plus.  Someone please explain !! my child is more than capable of chewing he has most of his teeth and tucks in to a piece of steak without any worries.  Why then do the vitamin manufactures feel that children are unable to chew until they are 3, persuading him to have the drops (which is far more medicine like) than mummy giving him a special sweetie would probably be far to stressful.  So I didn’t buy any, and let feeling a little frustrated and a lot patronized..!


  1. I think they worry kids with choke and parents will sue

  2. If I knew the dosage would be ok for him I'd get them, they are so small I am pretty sure that he wouldn't choke.

  3. Yep, the magic cut-off for vitamins, medicine, toys, etc. is age three. Drives me crazy!


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