Saturday, 24 July 2010

Totally unprepared for summer

How did that happen, one minute I was buying his first pair of school shoes and panicking that he would never settle in, the next we here and his first year at "Big" school is finished. Have I really been asleep for an entire year. Oh well we're here now so must deal with current situation. AAAhhh, you know when I thought now would be a good time to go back to work because he'd started school. Well that panned out well and we certainly needed the extra money but what am I suppose to do with him now. Nursery stays open so that's fine for little one, but 5 and I'm bored just aint gonna hack 6 weeks cooped up in 240sq feet of office everyday. Sheeet ! When I lived in London and I had this same predicament with my eldest (who will no doubt be entertaining herself over the summer head buried in pc) we had day camps. They do have them up here but they are like a 40 minute journey away which kind of defeats the object a bit and they are bloody expensive. Now you may feel that I should have been alot more organised and sorted this all out sooner, well its not like I didn't know it was coming. I honestly have tried (alittle) but they defiantly seems to be a severe lack on holiday entertainment around here for school children and baring in mind we hold the local primary and middle school in the town and therefore have at least 1000 children attending school here, it seems someone is missing an opportunity. If only I was more enterprising. !!!

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