Sunday, 28 November 2010

Warp factor 7 Mr Sulu and don't take your foot off the pedal

Soooo stuck as to what to get the kids its not funny and I know time is ticking by so darn quickly. Went to the school Christmas fair on Friday it was ridiculously busy I think there was every parent of the school there and a few parents from other schools there too. The reindeer "food" stand was packed and I had a secret whoop whoop when my kids finally got to the front and there was still some left for them to buy. Apparently the teachers in reception ration it so there is never quiet enough. This annoys the PTA immensely as they could probably ignore having the Christmas fair, just sell the reindeer "food" and still make the same money. Ninja, for £2.00 a go,also got to choose and wrap a present for mummy and daddy. I think this was a really good idea and he was very pleased to be doing it and then giving it to us, though I am slightly nervous as to what he might have picked out for us lol.

So now the Christmas fair in out the way it's the Christmas play and the Christmas parties next. Ninja this year is a servant to the king. He's so not happy about this and is regularly coming home from school complaining he hadn't actually meant to put his hand up to volunteer for this role and he still can't believe he got picked for it and he'd really wanted to be an animal instead. This is getting the same response from me every time we go through the conversation of "oh well next year you'll get to be something else and at least you're not just a narrator" You can guarantee that next year he'll get the narrator role and will be inconsolable.

All that Christmas trauma aside Humf's skin has broken out in a terrible bout of eczema. The whole of the top of his legs are red raw and its spreading up his torso as well. The only thing we can figure out that's changed is we started giving him decaffeinated tea, so I am pretty convinced that has been the trigger. Though I have never heard of that being a problem before.

Asking a two year old not to scratching is not easy, especially as he's even scratching in his sleep. I am just hoping that putting him back on normal tea has done the trick and he's skin will be feeling allot more comfortable very quickly.

Well that's probably enough for now as I still need to doing tons of Christmas shopping :0)

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