Monday, 15 November 2010

Some daughters do have them.......

Mum came to stay with me for a week. I was expecting her to come up for a night but for some reason she decided that, no, she was staying longer to "help" me with the kids and housework. While a little perturbed that she hadn't mentioned this plan on the phone when she told me she was coming to see me, I was still grateful for the extra pair of hands that was winging its way to me forthwith.

I swear its like having another demanding teenager in the house when she visits and a fairly bossy one at that. I love my mum to pieces but she drives me up the friggin wall. Its all the niggly things that the kids do that I have learnt to accept and ignore (well they are my children) she moans about and then she does something equally annoying niggly. For instance she'll moan that the kids have left their cups of juice where they might get spilt and then leaves her teacups on my bookshelf or on the mantel piece for me to take to the sink and wash up. She'll reorganise my washing trying to be helpful and mix up my pile of non-ironing and ironing. She likes the living room curtains open, hubbie likes them closed. The childrens tv should go off at bedtime, the kids go to sleep with them on. ( i secretly agree with her on that one, but would never admit it to her).

As the family situation stands I would have her live with us in a heartbeat as she gets treated very badly by her husband and she deserves so much better than him, though I think I would need constant therapy to get through the weeks.

I know there are so many benefits to having the older generation around you and the kids. My kids love her and would love to have her around more often and its also lovely for me to be able to talk to her about anything and everything and know she can't help but see things from my point of view. She's a brave loving woman who gets a little bit het up over the small things in life but I suppose I wouldn't have her any other way......

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