Monday, 22 November 2010

Getting down and dirty.........

It was a strange weekend this last one. We didn't really "do" anything but it all went too quickly anyway. Saturday was a traditional pyjama day, I don't think I got round to brushing my teeth until after lunch.

Then at around 4pm we suddenly realised that we had nothing in for dinner and I managed to persuade hubbie to leave the sofa for a family trip to the co-op and he was cooking. Now you maybe wondering how the hell did manage that and what was the cost but you'll have to be a really good friend before I'll let you in on that little secret. So dinner was had, x-factor disappointing and Gillian McKeith just got on my last nerve.

Sunday, hubbie decided it was gardening day, windy, cold miserable gardening day. Fine, ok, you feel you need to spend the morning freezing to death in the garden be my guest. OOoooo daddy is in garden guess who wants to get involved, so both boys (still in their pj's) pulled on wellies and their coats and joined daddy "to be helpful". "Sigh" from me, damn and drat my flimsy excuse for staying in the warm just went in to the garden with daddy.

Right, well, there is no way I was going out there cold so I got dressed (go me !!) put on my brand new furry lined boots, hat, gloves and scarf and ventured out into the once was warm and sunny garden but now is just bbrrrr. The boys were pleased to see me, they immediately disrobed me and I lost hat, gloves, scarf in one foul swoop then had to fight them off me to keep my coat.

I was truly expecting to play just a supporting role in this scenario, cheer leader type, moral guidance and such like but no, hubbie had other plans. So he set me to work, sweeping leaves and moving stuff to the compost. With in 2 minutes freshly washed coat and brand new boots where ruined, not impressed, and while I am working the boys have gone back inside because its cold and taken all my woolie stuff with them !! Hubbie on the other hand had stripped to his t-shit and had sweat pouring and I do mean pouring off his brow. He offered me a go of the digging to help me warm up a bit but I politely declined.

At this point an excellent idea popped in to my head "hunny would you like a cup of tea?" my excuse to go back inside and get warmed up, hatched planned and implemented. This was where the real fun began, as I walked in through the back door I was confronted with the trail of mud, which when followed went through the kitchen into the hallway and then onto the lounge. OMG !! there was mud everywhere and there were the two boys happily sitting on the sofa both still covered in mud and both with their wellie boots STILL on. All I can say is thank goodness for leather and tiles. I made other half's tea and then told him I wouldn't be back out. He came to look. "Oh" was all he could muster when he saw the state of the place and quickly retreated back in to the garden.

It took me a good hour and half to clean it all up and then we had to tackle the children as well. So I am pretty glad the garden is ready for winter now and the kids are banned from going out there until it snows or its summer I haven't decided which yet.

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