Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Your name's not down, you're not coming in"

Was very excited earlier this week when Ninja come out from school with a little note saying he was going to given a commendation at the school assembly on Friday. Proud mummy moment and Ninja was really chuffed.

Now at any given point in the school year the school has no qualms to ask parents to provide money, materials or blood in order to improve the school or raise some money for something important. I do my best to oblige to their constant demands and would hope I could be considered a supportive parent in my child's education and school. I also understand the need for rules and regulations to maintain peace and harmony for the children.

But my younger son has been banned from the commendations assembly (school regularly refuses to allow preschool children in to spectate things) which normally wouldn't be a problem he is at nursery most days and so would be with carers. Unfortunately he's not been well this week and so nursery are refusing to have him back till he's 48 hours clear of sickness. So no nursery this Friday. I have no other childcare as I live away from family and all my friends are connected with school and will either be there themselves or working.

So for that reason l will take the withering looks from non rule breaking parents, I'll accept their tuts of annoyance, I will even be gracious and apologetic but I will not miss this assembly. I may have to gag little one with very chewing sticky sweets to keep him quiet and lots of chocolate but I am not going to miss this assembly. They will have to evict me forcibly from the premises to get me to leave. For if I don't attend I will be letting down one of the most important people in the universe and that aint going to happen !!

So wish me luck with the assembly police tomorrow !!


  1. How did it go? You're not in mummy prison are you?

  2. No they let me out for good behaviour this morning. I wasn't the only one and I explained the situtation to the head so it was fine. Well up until the point when little one screamed his brother's name out because he saw him on stage lol.


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