Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Feeling mean and still a little green

So the last couple of weeks have been murder. The entire house is one constant round of sickness as soon as one of us is better another one of us is going down again. This has led to some unpleasantness for us all and is teaching us to love each other in new and different ways (giving someone a kiss and cuddle after they have just been sick is hard even if its your brother). Lets not even go in to how much the washing machine has suffered over this time of illness. But I am wondering how much more it, it can take.

So its gone something like this..first one that goes down is hubbie, not a soul does he tell, so staunch in his stiff upper lip mentality that none of us are even aware that his bowls are giving him the utmost grief. (OH how I wish I'd have know as I wouldn't have gone near him with a barge pole) anyway next is me...I'm not joking I was totally wiped out by it. It was half term, the kids weren't getting dressed, they are running around causing havoc and the house was a tip..I was either in the loo or groaning on the sofa. 5 days of hell before I am feeling even vaguely well enough to put a piece of toast past my lips. Next is eldest child, being 13, this making her exceptionally fragile "coughs" she is crying, bed ridden and wanting to be taken up to the emergency doctors every five minutes. She would not have it that she had just got the same bug as the rest of us. Hers was much worse, much more serious and totally in a different realm of illness to what I had just been through. Ooo to have the luxury again of being able to care so much about oneself and also to have the time to do it. Next came youngest probably the truly the most fragile out of us all. He is the one who gets the most poorly and always gets whatever is going round the hardest. So when he woke one morning with a runny nappy and then proceeded to be violently sick having just drank his morning cup of tea I was not a happy chappy. Of all the things to bring back up I have to say large amounts of milk has got to be in the top 3 for the worst of them. He needed to be showered, I needed to showered, the walls, ceiling, sofa, blankets and both of our pjs needed to washed or in some cases burnt. It was horrendous, in fact it was so bad that eldest made a very quick recovery and decided she'd rather be a school for the day. So once everyone and everything was cleaned up I spent the rest of the day trying to get him to drink something at the very least for worry of dehydration. (I ended up have to syringe 10mls of juice in to his mouth every hour or so). By the evening he was eating a little and by the next morning he seemed fully recovered...yippee !!! (though slightly disgruntled that I didn't recover quiet so quickly when I had it)

So that leaves middle one, the ox of the family, the energetic bouncy never ill one. His contribution to this whole event was quiet spectacular in the fact that last night just before he fell asleep he said "erm mummy my tummy doesn't feel quiet right" an hour later hubbie and I hear a strange noise ran upstairs to finding him sitting up in bed whimpering covered from head to toe but still basically asleep......! I strip the bed completely, hubbie showers him, wraps him in a towel brings him downstairs. I come down, he mumbles "is my name QTH?" and is still asleep. I give him calpol take him back in to our bed, his is a disastor zone and there he stays for the rest of the night. This morning he wakes up and moans about having to go to the childminder. "You're not going to the childminder honey you are not well enough to go to school" "oh yeah...am I ?" "Son don't you remember being sick everywhere last night and getting in the shower and then sleeping in mummy and daddy's bed" "err no well sort of" and this is how the day has proceeded nothing wrong with him at all. In fact he is driving me mad being hungry all the time.....!

Now tell me something..... Why couldn't I be ill like that !!!


  1. Oh I know how you feel. Until I was a mother I never appreciated the luxury of being able to be ill and just rest. Now I dread being ill as I know that either him upstairs or the little ones will get it and will make me suffer!

    Ellen - http://tiredmummy.blogspot.com/

  2. No mummys are not allowed to be ill otherwise the world stops working and everything grinds to a halt its such fun isn't it... :0)


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