Monday, 21 December 2009

Normality Returning

Wow, I feel some sort of normalility returning to my brain after two weeks of bag folding...! Goodness me that job involves so much more than just the mear fact of folding and stuffing..It massively impacts on family life driving everything else to the back burner and putting a surmountable pressure on Paul and I to complete it and get it out of the way. And the fantastic intentions of the beginning of the job wain so sharply and so quickly I wonder why we do it..Well I know of course we do it for the extra money and yes its worthwhile but it always leaves me alittle shell shocked..!! On the plus side I am now so excited about the prospect of finally getting to do some housework the I am positively bubbling..Oooo Bliss 1 whole day of solid uninterupted housework...I love my kids with all my heart and would play with them over housework everyday of the week but there is no one else who can do it and to have the luxury of being able to just continue working until the job is done, with no drink breaks, lunch breaks, arguement breaks, fall over and bash yourself breaks and the one that really drives me mad the MUM MUM MUM !!! MUM MUM MUM !!! breaks will be better than a whole evening of tele to myself..Yes I really am that sad !!! and having made extra bolegnese sauce today I won't even have to worry about dinner tomorrow LIFE IS GOOD

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