Tuesday, 26 January 2010

OK Feel Bad Now

Sheesh I knew there was something i kept forgetting to do !!!!. Hello Blogging World sorry for my inexplicable absensce I think I was transported off by aliens..I will explain another time with another post I think..Christmas was fabish..what with 84 year old Grandma's opinions on my child rearing techniques and long lost friends coming to visit..(career woman no children and perfectly groomed hair). Spiritual and peaceful it was not. The kids thought it was all hiliarous to just keep throwing wrapping paper all over the living room ALL DAY !!! and totally ignore all of Father Christmas's well thoughtout and inspirational gifts much to my heart sinking misery. I believe there are still unopened gifts in their bedrooms that I shall be rewrapping next year and giving to them again on the off chance they might actually be interested in them. The New Year has started fantastically busy as to expected and I am still loving college. I have even managed to impress the tutor with a google app on my iphone though I did get several filthy looks of "teachers pet" from my fellow students while I was doing it..Clearly they were just peeved that I had found out the tax codes for 2010/11 so quickly and they still had to do it for homework.

Will post far more regularly from now on !!!

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