Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My life is saved by a bar of Aero

Having started this morning in one of those particularly bad ways ie rising and shining at 7.45am when we needed to be out the house at 8am. I didn't think anyone could be having a worse day than me. I was wrong..!!! I have managed to arrive at work 10 minutes before my meeting with the British Gas man, thats with Paul driving at 300 hundred miles an hour and unceremoniously dumping my boys on my sister for the day...Dummies in the changing bag love you kids bye !!! Sausage sandwich for breakfast and God Damn it no tea !!. Anyway enter very nice man from the Gas board. Hello Mrs Hill we would like to save you money on your electricity bill...Thank you very much. 15 minutes going through the motions and I agree with him yes you can save me money where do I sign !!!. I am greeted with a big beaming smile and a look of thank f**k for the that look in his eye. Do you know when your contract will be up for renewal...No British gas man there is no contract lets just sign the dotted line..Phone EDF yes Mrs Hill you ARE under contract until March 2011!! sorry did I just hear that right till 2011 how the hell did that happen. Turn to Mr British Gas sorry under contract till 2011 the look of disbelief on his face nearly broke my heart..what so you under contract till March this until march NEXT year what June this year NO MARCH NEXT YEAR..Oh..! The poor man, I saw the promise of a romantic valentines night with his wife on the commission from me slip slowly through his fingers...!!! There was nothing left for us to do but to shake hands and promise to meet up next Jan do this all again..!! And to top it off He left his mobile phone here !! He despondently walked out the door and I have since polished off an entire guilt ridden bar of Aero...!! Glad I am not having his day :-(

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