Thursday, 28 January 2010

Onion Bahji Breath and Aftershave

Its not good when you can still taste last nights takeaway when you are brushing your teeth in the morning..It makes me wonder did I just miss that last little bit of food in last nights brushing or has the food just been sitting and churning in my stomach all night long and if that's the case will I be able to digest it now..!! 10pm takeaways are for the young and reckless not middle aged with a ulcer already brewing. Even my jam on toast this morning still has a bhaji tint to it. Someone please explain to me also a woman/teenage girl desire to smell like a man..!! Why is it that a woman finds it perfectly acceptable to liberally spray herself with whatever latest aftershave she likes for the man in her life whereas if he was to do the same with her perfume everyone would think he was weird. I am ranting on this because I found it slightly disconcerting as I watched my daughter nick her fathers eau de cologne that I carefully chose for him this Christmas (a very nice and I must say manly CK number) and spray herself. The musky and sexy scent floated all over me and I breathed in deeply with my senses taking me back to kissing his neck and holding him close except it wasn't him that was standing close by ready for me to grab it was said daughter...This fact left me feeling a little crestfallen and I had a go at her for using Dads aftershave... Her response "But mum it smells so lovely" IS NOTHING BLOODY SACRED !!!

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