Saturday, 30 January 2010

Miracles do happen !!

Wow I am so proud of my children this morning. Ok the night with the baby was appalling and we were three up in a single bed. But eventually at some point at silly o'clock baby finally settled enough for me to put him back in his cot. As soon as I got out of the bed, middle one scooted up to the top head on pillow and splayed himself out totally. Right, clearly I am not welcome back in there with you so I'll go back to my own bed.!! Felt like approximately 30 seconds later and a little voice was whispering in my ear "Mum Mum I'm hungry" "Sleeping" was the only response I could muster. Then next thing I know baby is bonking me on the head with a hard plastic toy...!! "How did you get out of bed??" Grumpy voice calls from the boys room "I got him out, I have been looking after them for the last 2 hours" its no 1 child. I look at the time its 8.45am I've had a LAY IN and all thanks to my wonderful daughter...Hmm how much is this gonna cost me ?? And the bliss continued as I watched them finish their breakfasts and all pick up their respective bowls and drink the milk out of them in unison. Alas the arguments have already started, the crying commences, the baby is demanding his morning cuppa and I must finish blogging !!

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