Friday, 29 January 2010

Wow I'm tired

Up last night at various points thanks to baby's temperature being in the scary highs again. I live in the knowledge that when he is older his constitution will be strong as an oxo as he would have already had every cold and flu virus going !! He's not a quiet ill baby either he likes to make sure everyone is very well aware that he is not feeling well and that everyone else should suffer with him. I am sympathetic but it is very draining and sometimes it takes all my motherly will power not to tell him "its only a bloody cold". To top off my restless night with him, I receive an email from my Dad, no less, recommending me to read a book called "how to lose the fat around your middle" I am mortified not only am I not on any sort of particular diet unless you count diet pepsi and chocolate all day but I hadn't even vaguely mentioned to him that I was unhappy with the way I currently look. What a bloody cheek !! I will have a few choice words to say to him next time I see him I can tell you. To be honest I have totally given up on the idea of regaining any sort of figure since the face has gone so down hill I can't see the point...You may have the body of the green goddess but it your face looks like its been hit by a bus you just might as well stay indoors..behind the pc..!! Hhhmmm now you know why I am here !! LOL

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