Thursday, 17 December 2009

Troublesum Troubles

Its seems my inability to say no has got me in to trouble once again...We have ended up with Grandma for Christmas and while my head tells me this is not a good idea and will end in disastor, my heart tells me I have no choice because life is short and to be honest I am lucky to still have her around. I mean who knows what next year will bring though she will mostly likely out live us all. In the meantime the kids remain blissfully unaware of how Christmas probably isn't going to go exactly the way they would like it too. ie pjs till 4pm then clean ones on, no bathing, breakfast, lunch and christmas dinner in front of the TV/PS3 or nakey and thats just Pauls plans for the day...At least I have the blessing of living in my beautful 4 yes you read right my 4 bedroomed house so we can shut her in a bedroom and leave her asleep for as long as possible on Christmas morning. Having said all that I am still really looking forward to Christmas at home this year...Two ovens, a dishwasher and no turkey to be seen within 10 foot of my kitchen things should go smoothly...

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