Friday, 18 December 2009

And I thought I didn't scare easily

Having been on this planet for 30+ years and an avid horror fan for a good part of that I feel I have become pretty desensitised to most things that scare. However I have just managed to scare the bloody pants of myself in the car with the other passengers not even batting an eyelid. Picture the scene black ice, side turning pulling out on to a main road. I started braking well before the end of the turning knowing full well that the roads are pretty iced up and the car just refused to stop. OK i thought this isn't really happening and the car IS going to stop if I just push down harder. ABS going off alarmingly and still the car not stopping. I watched in horror as we exited the road and started sliding out on to the main road...Look right nothing coming ok safe that way, look left HOLY shit car coming at speed...the kids are on that side of the car OMG I am going to have an accident and the kids are going to get hurt...Cant the stupid car see I am skidding and cant stop...SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT !!! the car stop just as it got to the middle of the road and the car coming towards us turned off. Apparently I had grabbed Lex, "Mummy why have you grabbed me" to which my blubbering response is "FUCK!!" I will not be driving for the rest of the weekend or at least until I know its safe to go out...My goodness that was scary

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