Monday, 24 January 2011

The Good Day

The cinema at 10 o’clock in the morning is a very surreal place.  From what I could gather in the time I had to look around me, while still trying to control 2 year old, I got about 3 categories of people that had decided Sunday morning film watching was for them.  Firstly there was the big family that obviously used this time as a money saving venture while still allowing their children the treat of coming to the cinema. Then there was the older couples, serious about the film they were about to see, finding it inconvenient that families were allowed to be there at the same time as them and thoroughly disapproving of any minor mischief the children where getting up to and then there was the me’s.  First timers who were a bit baffled by it all.

We had decided upon Animals United as our film of choice and we were all more than a little disappointed by it.  Far to much death, moral conscience and not enough slap stick humour left the children thoroughly unimpressed, we couldn’t even bring ourselves to find any of the characters cute.  Luckily the screen was fairly empty as Humf spent predominantly most of the film running up the aisles and through the rows.  I probably missed a few of the jokes because I kept having to scan the darkness to see where he’d gone this time and I am sure I caught him trying to lure other children in to his fiendish running around plan.

That finished and though disappointing, we still all the left the cinema on a high, (that would have been the masses of sweets and popcorn we’d eaten).  So I braved tescos with them both and managed to get round even that without to much aggro or expense.  Came home laden with food to find mum had been working really hard and had had a major tidy up. Cue sigh of relief and big cheesy grin. 30 minutes later when shopping had safely stowed away out of Humfs reach and we’d all enjoyed a fried egg sandwich.  Me my mother and my daughter all sat around talking boys…It was hysterical I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  Daughter at several points in the conversation looked as if she was going to be sick or at least sharply leave the room. But she stuck with it and it was her face as Nanny was giving her the “talk” that had me rolling around the floor with laughter. Bless her, she’s probably permanently scared for life now.

We then went and had a dual hair dying session, her with a very dark purple and me with a platinum blonde.  Hers as usual just added a touch of colour to her already gorgeous thick dark hair and mine went a rather shocking shade of bright yellow. I came out from the bathroom after I’d rinsed and rather too quickly with a large smile plastered to her faced she looked at me and said “I like it, mum” I think Nanny had forewarned her not to say anything horrible when she saw me.  After they’d both pacified me in to not screaming and taking a pair of scissors to my head it was agreed a confidence boosting photo on facebook was in order.  Out came the make up and Lex had a whale of a time, torturing me in only ways a vengeful daughter who’d suffered at numerous hairbrush pulling instances can. Picture was took and posted and several thumbs up from friends later I felt ok.

We rounded the evening off with a homemade curry (now one of Ninja’s favourite dinners, ironing and homework and by 10pm the whole house was sleeping soundly.  A perfect end to a pretty perfect day.

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