Sunday, 2 January 2011

Wow that was nice...

I got to go shopping today with just me and Mooki moo (my 13 year old daughter) well a friend came too, but she was ok to have around as at one point I was planning to adopt her she was spending so much time over our house.  Mooki was looking for a party dress for a posh 13th birthday party in a very nice 18th century hotel.  After the last "I want to do it alone" shopping disaster, I refused to just hand over the money and leave her to it.  She was going to have to put up with me being there and worst still saying no to things that just weren't suitable.  She took this news on a surprisingly upbeat kind of way and this spurred on my confidence to suggest we might like to visit several shops before making a final choice. I awoke her from her pit at 9.30 and told her to get ready, friend was knocking at the door prompt at 10.30 and I wanted her to be ready to go (she wasn't).  After an initial panic start of does the 2 year old want to come or not, he finally decided he'd stay with Daddy (massive internal sigh of relief) and off we went. 

Wow it was lovely, it was exactly like going shopping with my mum (one of my favourite pass times) but with the roles reversed.  It was me being told, I didn't know anything about fashion (no offence mum), I was the one being used as butler to dozens of dresses that she couldn't figure out how to put back on the hanger, I was also the one being sent out of the changing room to find a different size, colour, OMG just get me something else and I didn't have any say what so ever on the music going to the shops or on the way back.  I loved every minute of it. I loved just getting some time to spend with my daughter to concentrate on her and learn abit more about her.  I loved her style, the way she smiled and the confidence that she carried with her.  I love being a mum of 3 and wouldn't change it for the world but I'm not going to beat myself up or feel guilty in future for just wanting abit of mummy/daughter time.  Its precious and it made my heart and head feel alot better today.


  1. Hello,

    Too right you should not feel guilty, sometimes it is nice to have one child to yourself or even go solo!

  2. That is my sentiment exactly, only a very jealous parent would mind if the other parent spent some one on one time with one of the children. I agree whole heartedly.......

  3. Hi Tracey thanks, I don't know why I always feel guilty about leaving any of them behind even though I know they are much happier at home with dad rather than trasiping round the shops with me looking at clothes.

  4. Dad is more concerned with the reasons behind you not wanting him to spend any one on one time with the children.


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