Thursday, 20 January 2011

7 Things you never knew about me.........

1. I just can't help myself sometimes: I have an incredible lack of self control, with my mouth, my actions and my purse.  This had lead me in to some uncomfortable expensive situations at times.

2. I will hide chocolate from the kids:  if I know its a scarcity in the house I will sneak bits to eat while they are not looking.

3. I am very bad a finishing a book: even if I get just alittle bit bored I can't find the energy or the will to plow through it and I just give up, this normally leads to me starting several books and not actually finishing any of them.

4. I don't like overly muscly men: they kind of scare me and to be honest, if someone cares that much about themselves would they have room in their lives for anyone else?

5. I obsessively check my emails: I am even checking them throughout my accountancy lessons and have once or twice caught the teacher looking at me with daggers, frustrated that he can't actually have a go at me because I'm an adult and I've paid for him to be standing there in front of me. HAHA

6. I wanted to be a model when I was a teenager: This is so embarrassing, I'm 5' nothing where on earth did I think I was going to be able to be a model, I even went to some scary dingy place in London for an "interview" to do modeling (one of those pay me £1000 and I'll get you a contract jobby) and was told there that I could be put forward for hand or foot modeling but not really much else and they were trying to con money out of me...!!!

7.  I believe in the supernatural: I'm not entirely sure what I believe but I am very open minded to it all and I love reading, hearing or watching about it.  I've been to a clairvoyant and found that quite a rewarding experience but obviously not something that would suit everyone.

So there are 7 things you didn't know about me and here are some people that I would like to know 7 things about so I am going to tag them in this post


  1. Try buying dark chocolate. None of my kids will touch it so I can always have my "fix".

  2. New follower from BFF :). I hope to see you on my side of the blog-o-verse one day!!

  3. There's a joke in my family that I ate chocolate that was several years old and past the due date. But it was the only chocolate in the house and I ate it. How bad is that!!!


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