Friday, 14 January 2011

Staying strong................

Wheels keep turning and the kids keep me smiling.

Have you ever tried to brush a two year old teeth while they are chewing a fruit gum, those things are super glue for teeth under normal circumstances, with the added benefit of teeth being firmly clenched I needed a crowbar to prise his mouth apart.  You can imaging the taste can't you? as I started brushing, his face contoured and he said "disgusting".  Yes it probably is, very, but your teeth are being brushed. 

Next came the 10 minute chase around the bedrooms to brush his hair.  When I eventually caught him I tried in vain to brush the really really fuzzy bit at the back.  Somehow in between going to bed last night and getting up this morning the back of his head had been covered in still more sticky stuff that had stiffened his hair in to a horrible mat of knots that no amount of detangle spray could part. I gave up, brush the front to look smart and hoped no one would see him from behind all day.  As soon as it was done he messed it all up again by rubbing his fruit gummy hands all over it. Cue stifled cry of frustration from me.

Having accepted that this one was a lost cause this morning I headed over to number 1 son.  What an angel, only moaned alittle as I brushed his hair and even stopped playing his computer game long enough to brush his own teeth.  It was while we were having a conversation about the validity of Ham the Space Chimp actually being able to do some amazing stunt that I realised how quickly he is growing up.

Its bizarre when eldest was 6 I thought of her being so old and sensible and mature, and now he's 6 I still desperately want to baby him and not push him to hard or expect to much from him. I suppose that's the benefit with being a 2nd child. 

With eldest I hold her up as a shining example of can do and will do and isn't she fabulous, with the other 2 I'm not so preoccupied on them being the best, first, cleverest I just want them to be happy and comfortable.  Even knowing this I still can't help pushing her and I know I probably expect to much from her.  One saving grace I suppose is she knows I love her with all my heart and I am so proud of the woman she is becoming even though she makes the odd slip up now and again.  

So today I hold my head up high and say "I love my kids".   


  1. Wonderful as usual. Lots of love to you xxxxxxxx

  2. haha your teeth brushing story cracked me up! haha

  3. brushing teeth and hair can be traumtic - for me!
    just think though, one daythey will be thirteen!

  4. Thanks Meg, I haven't bothered today just let him brush his own, will fight him at bedtime instead lol

  5. Anne I have a thirteen year old and not only does she take over the family bathroom she's started on my en-suite as well. ggrrhh !! lol


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