Thursday, 20 January 2011

So why am I keeping my Wedding Dress.........

On the extremely rare occasion that i get to go out and do something grown up, its been so long I can't actually remember what you do.  I always look in my wardrobe despondently, route out what I'd worn five years ago on the last evening I actually went out, decide its not right for this event and so I will have to buy a new outfit. Because of this I am building a small collection of these outfits in my wardrobe, tops that are too dressy, ones that aren't dressy enough, smart satin trousers that no jacket will go with and dresses that have been bought for various weddings that I know deep within my heart that I will never wear again because when I saw the wedding photos I was so horrified at how atrocious I looked that I cried. 

The pinnacle of this collection is my wedding dress.  Why oh why am I keeping it? It wasn't massively expensive, I know without doubt my daughter wouldn't be seen in it, let alone wear it for her wedding day.  Its bulky, takes too much room in my wardrobe and I probably wouldn't get it passed my thighs now even if I tried to get it on.  I wouldn't mind but the bells for my wedding stopped ringing a long time ago, in fact my marriage has just breathed its last breath. 

Its time it went, along with all the other outfits that I "might" wear again to a different special occasion and start again.  Who knows I might actually start learning to buy things properly and have special occasion outfits in my wardrobe that I will use more than once.

Nah you're right I'll probably just keep making the same mistakes over and over again :0)

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