Monday, 10 January 2011

I've lost my baking virginity

I really don't know what came over me the other day.  I've never had the urge to bake anything before in my life but suddenly I had this massive desire to make a bacon and leek pie.  Admittedly I had an excess amount of bacon left over from Christmas and my knowledge of what to do with a large quantity of uncooked bacon is rather limited and I have little if no imagination, so it seemed like an ideal solution.

I had ready to roll puff pastry sitting in the fridge (no hassle there then) but when I went to retrieve it I realised that it was actually out of date and therefore not viable as an ingredient.  Damn and drat, I'd have to make my own pastry.  

Luckily Mooki moo was on hand to guide her mother (me) through the steps of how to make pastry and together we managed to produce some dough.  Who knew, I even had plain flour in the cupboard...!!

I loved kneading the dough it was great fun, I really got to give my upper arms and shoulders a good work out and having to do that sort of thing every night of the week for dinner it was not surprising ladies may have been stronger, muscular and generally scarier in the olden days (builders biceps).

With dough ready we got out the rolling pin, by this time two more little pairs of hands decided they wanted to join in with the cooking and so for the next 10 minutes we were having to take it in turns with the roller but eventually with got a nice thin dough and we covered the base of the pie tin with it.  In went my leeks, bacon, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and then we put the pastry lid on ready for the oven.

The pie in the end took a good hour to cook (even though the recipe said 35 minutes) and it was delicious,  though I am sure I could have improved in so many ways.  Anyway here it is........................

Before lid on

With lid on :0)

Yummy with chips all cooked.


  1. Good for you Mrs H. Something satisfying about Baking from scratch and surprisingly easy. I always think yes I will do that again and then never do lol xx

  2. Good for you and it looks deeeeelicious! x

  3. Pastry was nice, but the filling was a bit too salty to be honest. Will try again at some point with different filling I think. And thanks btw xx


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