Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sun is shining weather is sweet.........

I did it...for the last 2 school days I have actually walked to school for pick up time.  Helped by the glorious sunshine and the fact Humf has discovered a new love for sitting in his buggy, I was spurred into action.  Now you may think this is nothing to get excited about but if I tell you I haven't done the walking thing in over a year and its actually a mile up hill all the way back you might be slightly more impressed.  I had people stopping me on the street asking if they had been warped in to another dimension as they couldn't believe I was actually using my legs and it feels really good to be doing it with add bonus of avoiding the ice cream truck at the park and its toning flabby bum cheeks.

So other things on the change cards go that I am finally attempting to tackle my awful skin, I can't quiet believe I have gone from just washing my face with water to blackhead clearer, toner, spot cream and then a tinted moisturiser all in the vein attempt to claw back a little of the once ok skin I had.  Not sure if its working but that also certainly makes me feels more positive towards myself. (well at least I am able to bring myself to look in the mirror again) Anna very kindly tried to tame my eyebrows for me and has them at least looking slightly less bushy and I have requested a lady shaver as one of my birthday gifts (not sure which of the kids is planning to give it to me yet though lol)

Tomorrow will be the first birthday I have spent as a single woman in about 20 yrs so will probably feel alittle strange, but to be honest its not frightening me at all, in fact I am looking forward to just letting my kids wish me a happy birthday give me their personal handmade cards and not putting any pressure on. I think I might treat us all to takeaway tomorrow if mooki doesn't feel like cooking and I will promise myself not to do any housework for that one day.  Bless my eldest has really stressed over getting me my presents, not only because she has no access to money, travel or anything else but she is still only 13 and felt the responsibility of having to buy birthday presents from her and her brothers for me very much.  In the end she has been so happy with what she chose for me that she has been busting to tell me ever since she bought it and at times getting grumpy because she can't tell me lol.

Friday night the girls are coming over, I have bought 12 cans of red bull and I am planning to buy some vodka to go with it. I am not a drinker by any means I don't even have a hollow little finger but I thought sod it.  My friends have been amazing to me over the last couple of months and its just a chance of saying a small thank you in return.  So I plan to get them drunk and then play silly party games with them while taking lots of pictures then threaten to put them on the Internet if they ever piss me off. See I am a nice person honest..!!! May have to purchase Grease singstar as I quiet fancy belting out "hopelessly devoted to you" "and you're the one that I want" I'm sure the neighbours will be fine about it.

Saturday I am going to see a medium, who apparently is very good.  I am not entirely sure what being good is but I suppose I will find out.  The only other time I  have done something like this was when I was alot younger and then my Grandmother and Grandfather came through for me and the experience did leaving me feeling reassured if just a little disappointed that my dad hadn't "contacted" me.  I know this kind of thing people can have very strong views about negative and positive and to be honest I am still alittle on the fence about the whole thing myself but I have made a promise to me that from now on I am not going to just say no to things because they are new or I don't understand them. 

For now, "no" isn't really a word I want in my vocabulary while I absolutely refuse anything that could in any way harm the children or myself I am prepared to be more open minded and open hearted with new experiences. At 36 (aahh 37 tomorrow) I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in human experience and its time to cram some stuff in before I pop this mortal coil.


  1. I hope that you have a really great day tomorrow, and I know that you will have a good Friday!

  2. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love spiritualism xxx


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