Thursday, 17 March 2011

Can anything else go wrong ?....

How can so many things be breaking around the house all at the same time.  First it was the bed, which decided that now there is only me in it, that it should just fall apart.  Then the shower in the en suite packed up rendering the second bathroom almost completely useless, must call plumber but not quiet ready to take out a second mortgage just yet, then the best one of all Ninja managed to get himself completely twisted and stuck in the seat belt of the car. 

Now don't get me wrong seat belts are never a bad idea, but I never realised how much of a not very good idea they could be too.  It was an uneventful trip home from the school run as usual and as we pulled up home, Ninja started getting fidgety. I stopped the car in the drive and began unloading the tons of stuff I always manage to accumulate during the day to take in to the house. On my way back from the first offload I realised Ninja hadn't got out of the car and called to him in an impatient tone to get out, I was replied with a soft wimpery voice "I can't mum, I'm stuck". Of course, harsh as it may seem (other mums back me up here please) I didn't believe him and so went to the boot to grab the second load and take it in to the house.  As I turned around from the second off load I realised that Ninja still hadn't left the car, and I started to get really impatient.  So went to get youngest out of his chair with thoughts of just leaving Ninja in the car to get on with whatever silly game he thought he was playing, but as I bent down to open the straps on baby's seat and peered in to the car I found Ninja with the look of pure panic on his face, being squished up against the back of the car seat....."I can't move mummy, every time I do it just gets tighter"  Oh crap..!!  Now having finally realised that actually he was telling the truth and wasn't just trying to wind me up, I ran round to the other side of the car to where he was sitting and desperately tried to untangle him. It was useless, for every move I made it either hurt him or pulled the seat belt tighter. I took a deep breath, I'm either being stupid which is why I can't untangle him or I am in too much of a guilty flap, I know I'll grab mooki, she'll be clear headed and probably see what the problem is with out any difficulty.  Ran in to the house screamed her down from her bedroom and then tried to explain to her the problem while Ninja was still in the back of the car now crying "get me out get me out".  When she saw the mess he was in her first reaction was "you'll have to cut in out" ok great it wasn't me just being stupid he was well and truly stuck. At this point I seriously considered calling 999 fire and rescue (well 6 firemen turning up would probably have made a seat belt being ruined worth it :0)) but while I was uming and ahhring the pros and cons (ie wasting important fireman's time so I can simply oogling them) Mooki ran in to the house and grabbed the scissors.

The moment of his release was a precious one in my memory banks. His sister and him do not have the greatest of relationships at the best of time but the action of her "rescuing" him cemented something both in their hearts which will never be removed.  I watched with soaring pride and emotion both their responses to him being freed and they were as close as brother and sister can be at that moment, I don't think anything could have dragged them apart from the cuddle they gave each other. It was a horrible and amazingly wonderful five minutes of my life.  Only made slightly sweeter by littlest one pointing at the harness in his car seat saying "stuck stuck"

So now I have a missing seat belt at the back of my car, and it needs its first MOT this year so that's just another unnecessary bill to get sorted that's already been added to the pile of them sitting on my desk. Away though I am glad it happened because since then Ninja and Mooki have given each other alot more respect and the love within them for each other is deepening.

Silver lining and all that eh !!

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