Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chocolate Muffins and Lucky Pants......

So the parental cracks are starting to show and the children being children are taking full advantage..The other morning the boys had arisen earlier than normal and rather than wake me they proceed to conspire to do their own thing. I can vaguely remember at points being disturbed in the half an hour between them sneaking out of bed and me jumping out panicking.  Suffice it to say I went in to their bedroom expecting them to have put the TV on and be sitting there like the perfect little angels they are.  What I was confronted with couldn't have been further from that image.  Empty chocolate muffin wraps, with remaining muffin spread all over the room, empty packets of crisps floating about and some extremely strong orange squashed spilt all over the floor. As my face reddened and the steam started pouring out my ears Ninja brightly looked at me with all innocence in his eyes and said "well I did ask you", "when did you ask me !" came my response through gritted teeth, "while you were asleep", he said a little less brightly than before "and did I respond when you asked me", teeth still gritted, "well you kinda grunted and I took that as a yes".  So I sat myself on the edge of his bed and tried to recall any kind of interaction I'd had with the kids in the last 1/2 hour.  I began to recall vague images and words..Like "Mummy open please" (which I must have done) and "can I have a chocolate muffin please".  I'd been had ! they had caught me at my most vulnerable 3/4 asleep still, totally incoherent and at their mercy.  They'd asked they'd got a response of some sort and I had even aided and abetted in the mischief having opened the crisps for them.  How pray tell me am I suppose to tell them off !   So I didn't, I had to much evidence stack against me to even consider it, and Ninja had a chocolate muffin for breakfast before school that day.....

Which brings me on to lucky pants.  I don't constantly go and buy new underwear for the kids, more a thing where only when you need it.  When I do, I buy good quality dark colours that will wash and wear and still look reasonable when changing for PE and such like.  Anyway I picked up 3 new pair of pants for Ninja the other day and some of his old ones were showing really signs of being had it and it was one of the new pair that I threw down the stairs for him to wear to school that day.  From the bottom of the stairs I hear the cry of "mum !!, these aren't my lucky pants" WHAT !! I didn't even know he had "lucky pants" why is my 6 year worrying about wearing lucky pants ! and how did they become lucky and what makes them lucky.  Close to school time as it was I decided now was not the time to discuss this whole new development of being superstitious. 

I spent the whole day worrying about this new aspect of his character, I didn't even think 6 year old could be superstitious , had I made him this way ? why has he decided his fate is not in his hands anymore and is being guided by forces outside his own doing? Is he watching to much TV?  how should I deal with this, should I just debunk it all or actually support him in his belief that if he does certain things it will make his life better in someway.  By pick up time I was really anxious to ask him why those pants were lucky pants and do you know what his answer was........"I dunno they just are" so another day to be chalked down as an unnecessary panic and guilt parenting day !!   

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  1. And aren't there many of those!! Perhaps it will be lucky socks next!

    And as for the mess; I know what you mean, the same happens to me!!

    CJ xx


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