Sunday, 27 March 2011

I may have lost an hour but I've gain 5 minutes

So was really impressed that the alarm clock I got for Christmas last year actually moved an hour forward this morning without me having to do anything.  Of course I had get out of bed to check which kind of defeated the "wow pleasant surprise feeling" but at least I know now. 

I was also happy to discover that the docking station had automatically gone forward to, oh yeah, for clever technology.  The only ones I have had to do manually are the cooker and microwave and with them I have set a sneaky plan in motion.  For some reason it doesn't matter what time I get up for school in the morning, I can't help always being a good 5 10 minutes late and its starting to drive me insane. So I have set the clocks in the kitchen 5 minutes fast in the vague hope that if I leave at the time I normally do, I will actually arrive in school at the correct time. Its a simple plan and one I hope will keep me slightly more organised in future.

I know the whole hour forwards backwards isn't suppose to be a big deal, I still find it sends me and the kids a bit doolally for a couple of days our moods, hunger and tiredness all seems out of whack. It might just be coincidence but somehow I don't think so.  At least this one means it the beginning of summertime, with long sunny days and bbqs in the garden.

I am really looking forward to summer this year, I think it will be the most fun one yet with lots of time for friends and good food.  Bring it on is all I can say....


  1. Me too! I really missed that hour at the weekend and I am still catching up on my sleep. I don't think my body clock ever went off Summer time, I was always hungary at 11.00 am so not a huge adjustment for me, lovely to have light evenings back. I might even get my Summer wardrobe out this weekend.

  2. Of course the only problem with your cunning plan is that you know you've moved the clock 5 mins forward so you will allow for it!


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