Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Whose feeling whose feet right now !!

As the end of the holidays approach and I have to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught on a new school year, I thought I'd take some time to reflect on the changes that have taken place in this "mad" house over the summer. The boys have started fighting, something that hadn't happened before. Whether it had been the fact the Humf had been too young or the fact that Ninja wasn't really effected by what he was doing I don't know. But they are at it far to often for my liking. It leaves me feeling rather powerless as while my instincts go to protect the littlest one, my head knows darn well sometimes he really deserves it. When daddy is home the issues seem to melt away to a large extent. It really is an alpha male situation, crazy that we fundamentally still rely on basic natures and its never more apparent than in two brothers fighting for dominance. I am assuming with the impending school return, Ninja will be expending so much energy dealing with the outside world that his focus will be transferred from his baby brother. In the meantime Humf is constantly setting to challenge his older brother in every which way he can. Don't get me wrong their love for each other is just as apparent they miss each other terribly and wouldn't want to be parted in anyway. Ninja is incredibly caring and attentive to his baby brother, he's also extremely proud of him, introducing him to everyone he meets and involving him in games. Humf worships the ground his brother walks on, there isn't a time place or action that he doesn't want to follow his big brother in to doing. He looks on at him for guidance and inspiration (not always a positive thing I tell you). In this way I feel so lucky and it gives me faith that they will be good friends when they get older. So yes they may be feeling their feet alittle to much but they are to doing it with the safest people they can, their family.


  1. Hi,
    Found your blog via BMB's 'Studyingparents' group. I have a 15yo daughter and identical twin 12yo twin daughters who also bicker & argue, but are also really close & almost beat friends. I agree about siblings feeling safe to find their own feet. In fact when I am in a tolerant mood I just let them get on with it.

  2. Hi, popped over from British Mummy Bloggers. My 2 boys argue and fight and the smallest one is only 14 months old! Your post gives me hope that when they both get a bit older theey might start to 'love' each other a bit more!

  3. Hi - found you on BMB. I have only one toddler so far so fighting seems like something that happens to other people!! I guess I won't be saying that if I have a second. Look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Hi guys thanks for your comments its really appreciated. I never imagined they would fight when youngest was born, but heyho its all part of growing up I suppose xx


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