Saturday, 4 September 2010

The dreaded toy store

Maybe should have stayed in bed this morning, but as 5 year old was so successful in getting people to hand over money to him yesterday at work with daddy, it felt mean to let it burn a hole in his pocket. He managed to bring home £12 in small change without even having to busk for it (don't ask me how he manages it, it must be the poor urchin face he pulls whenever he sees someone with a purse). It was decided that the best place to go to spend his hard earned (ill gotten) gains was the dreaded Toys r Us store. I hate that place. Back in the day when we were a single child family toys r us was a simple place to visit, when went it was to the girl aisle and there we stayed for an hour while daughter dearest tried to decide which barbie to get this time. Nowadays and two further children later its horrid. Nothing proves more that we are individuals than that place, its a mine field and its so confusing. Daughter dearest just gets the hump if we have to go there at all now, 5 year old seriously can not make his mind up, as he is a sporty, arts and crafty, gun loving kind of person and 2 year old just wanders around aimlessly pointing at things. We enviably end up needing to split up as 2 year old may think he's capable of playing 5 year old boys games he's actually not. So off Daddy and eldest boy trot off to try to decide if today is a gun, football or playdoh sort of day. I am left with toddler and the fireman Sam aisle. Which is fine, except today when were scared out of our wits. There we were happily checking out the new Dora doll (he likes Dora) when we heard a miaow. Thinking this was slightly strange considering we were in a toyshop not pet shop we turned round to found where the noise was coming from. As we turn 3 boxed up, glassy eyed pussy cats all winked at us and miaowed again. I don't know who screamed the loudest me or him. In animate furry things are not suppose to just come to life (granted they do in Toy Story but that is in America). He clung to me and I clung to him as we went over to them to investigate. Turns out the were FurReal cats £50 a cat and they respond to touch and sound, very clever toys that I suppose would be a lot easier to deal with when "I want a kitten" child does get bored of the idea of actually owning a real pet. They still freaked the hell out of me, I don't think I could sleep properly with it in the house knowing it could go off unexpectedly at any moment. So I don't think Santa will be bringing one home this Christmas. Eldest in the end decided on Plasticine and having been playing with it for the last 10 minutes I have much respect to the Creature Comfort people (my hands are killing me)..!!


  1. I remember standing in the aisles of Toys R Us in Hove almost ready to scream, and at Christmas it was truly unbearable. However, if you chose your time sensibly, many a happy half hour could be spent playing with toys far too expensive to buy:-)

  2. Nice,

    I tend to lose mine in toysrus then find them pedaling bikes and scooting around the store. Sometimes I pretend they are not mine!


  3. If I'm not careful mine would get lost too probably in the stockroom, and please Plasticine "blows raspberry" bloody stuff !! :0)


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