Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Neat freak or Stig of the Dump

I'd like to say I'm both but my beloved would argue Stig all the way. I just can't seem to keep things tidy for more than 2 minutes, I think its heredity though my mother would kill me for saying that. I don't think it makes me a bad person just a messy one. Speaking of which I am in a real pickle.....

Mooki's 13th big birthday bash is coming up very soon and I am extremely conscience of not "showing her up". So I plan to keep as low a profile for the evening as possible, having said that I still need an outfit. I am torn, do I dress up or down? smart or casual? Jeans ok or do I need a dress. What to do what to do? Maybe I pose the question on facebook and see what other people think.

This week at college made my brain actually melted and the annoying tutor that had offended us all last week managed to upset me once again this week. He's very productive comment to me all lesson being "Caroline, you are looking very vacant but you seem to be getting everything right" I mean how bloody rude !!! He'd look sodding vacant dealing with 3 kids and one of them not having been very well.

I had eldest and middle one describe to me the conversations they have been having with their friends, it was a real eye opener. From Mooki forming a friendship with a friends boyfriend ( I am sure this will only lead to trouble) and Ninja telling me he's been discussing seeing me naked with his little school buds and that I shouldn't be mad at him.

I have so much to get organised over the next couple of weeks its almost impossible to try and fathom it. I have both the kids birthdays to organise, try and get myself back in to the swing of working and find time to get some home studying done and to top this all off my tumble dryer has packed up.!

Oh want is a girl to do.....


  1. Oh gosh! You are in a pickle, with regards to the birthday party, I'd say 'cool mums' (from the 13 yeard old perspective) would dress trendy casusal and make out like parties are things that happen everyday so you had no need to 'dress up' over it!
    I also walk the tightrope between stig and neat freak, good tip is to make everyone clear any clutter they've made before they go to sleep and if they don't, simply throw the stuff away! They'll soon stop cluttering lol. If it's your mess, then we as mothers are excused as we have too much on our plates to worry about the odd bra left dangling on the banister!
    Good luck with the organising.

  2. I agree trendy, casual, I turned 39 this week!!! and try try my hardest to stay casual cause I dont want to pry into frumpy mummy! neat freak tends to appear only when my mum does! as I'm made to feel 16 again! but it doesnt always work and I get her tidying up after me!!!! and then I can never seem to find anything - good luck with the studying as well - Don't let them get you down girl!!!!

  3. hello
    I am about to start a course next week. I am stig too. Prob should have spent today tidying up a bit but no I spent it blogging!
    Good luck with the outfit and blimey your tutor sounds like he hasn't quite adjusted to teaching adults.


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