Friday, 17 September 2010

48 hours down and no homework done

Started back at college on Tuesday. It was nice to see familiar faces, though I was surprised at who was there and more importantly who wasn't. Some people are very good at hiding what's really going on with their lives. The two most diligent, teachers pet types from last year didn't go on to this year. If I'd been having a bet who was going to continue I would have put both these down as being a sure thing. Not sure how many of the newbies will last. One lady who seems quiet unassuming sure knows her stuff and wasn't fazed by the first lesson at all. Of the 3 others I can't see the professional poker player staying the course. It seems a far stretch to imagine someone who spends nights playing poker for big money suddenly wanting to work in an accounts office but you never know.

We have the pleasure of 2 tutors this year which is fine. Our Finance tutor is a big hulk of a man who knows he is big but doesn't seem to know what to do about it. He made it quiet clear we should call him Stephen not Steve and went in to a long winded explanation as to why it annoys him so much. This annoyed me somewhat especially as when we asked him what books will we need for the year he didn't have a clue. In the afternoon we have "dragon lady" erm I mean Victoria (not Vicky!!) who seems to be an extremely uptight woman who could probably do with letting her hair down alittle and feeling the "love" though I did get the impression that she may have a bit bigger than soft spot for our old tutor Mike. Hhmm I wonder if he knows?? To be fair though she was alot more organised than our morning tutor and at least she did in fact manage to teach us something and set us some homework. Which in case you are wondering no I haven't got round to doing yet.

It would have been a pleasant day at college if I wasn't constantly thinking about what was planned for Wednesday. One of the worst days of my life..!!

He had the operation. Watching him go under anesthetic was horrendous I never want to watch one of my kids go through that again unless they have to of course. The hospital was lovely and clean and they tried to make us comfortable but he hated it. From the moment he came round he wanted to go home and it was very stressful being there. Not helped by 15 year old boy in the bed next door moaning about him crying all the time. I think I will have to wait until I can get my head round what happened a bit better before I can blog about it properly but it really was awful in so many ways.

I'm just hoping it that its just onwards and upwards for this family as we certainly deserve it. :0)


  1. I hope the operation went well and recovery is speedy :)

  2. Oh dear, I hope all's well that ends well? I like the way you write. And observe - your paragraph about your tutors was instantly recognisable. I feel as though I've met them.

    I like your blog. I hope your son is making a swift recovery.

  3. Thanks Heather he is recovering but milking it bigtime lol x


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