Friday, 10 December 2010

Plans for 2011......

Recover from Christmas: Not always an easy task and always takes longer than anticipated

Go on a diet: Don't even know why I bothered writing this down, oh yes I do because I am exercising my fingers and surely this burn off some calories (please)

Ignore my birthday: I'm starting to forget which birthday it is coming up which can't be a good sign so its probably best if I just ignore the whole thing.

Read more to the children: Keeping them still and interested long enough for more than just a chapter should be marked as accomplishment if I can actually manage to do it.

Stop worrying: I may as well try and stop breathing.

Learn something: Well actually passing my AAT exams would just be great, I can't quiet believe how much harder this year is as opposed to last year.

Go on holiday: Now this I have to achieve, don't how, what, when or where but I will get on a plane with my family at some point this year. Especially as eldest is going on a school holiday I mean educational trip to the south of France and I am totally jealous.

Catch up with old friends: Again another don't know, how, when or where but I can see a bbq and some cheap booze in the future.

Moisturize: My skin is becoming like parchment, but I seem unable to remember to moisturise it for more than 2 days on the trot. Really how much time does it take to rub your hands together its not like I am apply special effects makeup.

Make more time for me: As above..!!

Get off the antidepressants: That's the biggy....!!

Watch out 2011 I have plans for you.


  1. I'm with ya on the moisturiser, I don't know why I can't get my act together on that. I even put it in a little thing next to the arm of 'my'chair but still sometimes( usually) I can't be fagged to reach for it.

  2. And you know when we are old and crinkly we will be kicking ourseleves for being so damn blaise about it !!

  3. So far for 2011 I resolve to send a 1 picture to a Grand Parent each month. Thinking about what else I might do to now.

  4. Ooo what a lovely idea if only my childrens grandparents would actually appreciated it (no serious family issues here, honest):0)


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